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The history of A.CHAL, born Alejandro Chal, is a narrative of artistic ingenuity, cultural fusion, and an unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries. With roots in Peru and a global perspective, A.CHAL has carved a unique path in the music industry, blending R&B, hip-hop, and Latin elements to create a distinct sound that resonates with a diverse audience. From his beginnings to his rise as a boundary-pushing artist, the timeline of A.CHAL reflects his journey of self-discovery and sonic exploration.


  • 1989: A.CHAL is born in Lima, Peru, and later relocates to New York City with his family. Growing up in a multicultural environment, he absorbs a range of musical influences that will later shape his sound.
  • 2013: A.CHAL releases his debut single, “Round Whippin’,” which introduces his unique blend of R&B, hip-hop, and Latin rhythms. The song garners attention for its captivating production and his soulful vocals.
  • 2015: The artist releases his debut mixtape, “Ballroom Riots,” which serves as a pivotal moment in his career. The mixtape’s fusion of English and Spanish lyrics, along with its exploration of identity and self-expression, sets the tone for his future work.
  • 2016: A.CHAL releases his debut studio album, “Welcome to GAZI.” The album’s title is a nod to his nickname, and it features tracks like “Round Whippin'” and “Vibe W/U.” The project cements his reputation as an artist unafraid to experiment with genres and sounds.
  • 2018: The artist releases his sophomore album, “EXOTIGAZ,” further showcasing his genre-blurring approach and his ability to seamlessly transition between languages and styles.
  • 2020: A.CHAL releases his third studio album, “Gazza,” which represents a fusion of his diverse influences and showcases his growth as a songwriter and producer.


  1. “Welcome to GAZI” (2016) – Album
  2. “EXOTIGAZ” (2018) – Album
  3. “Gazza” (2020) – Album


  • A.CHAL: Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Producer

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A.CHAL‘s journey is a testament to the power of embracing cultural diversity and exploring artistic curiosity. From his upbringing in Peru and New York to his evolution as a genre-defying artist, his music speaks to the interconnectedness of different cultures and the ability of music to transcend linguistic and geographical boundaries. As he continues to create soulful soundscapes that reflect his personal experiences and global influences, A.CHAL remains a compelling voice in the contemporary music landscape, drawing audiences into his world of sonic exploration and self-discovery.


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