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A2H is a French hip-hop and rap band that has gained recognition for their unique blend of musical styles and thought-provoking lyrics. The group’s journey began in the early 2010s when Adrien AdcaZz and Hugo Black’Os joined forces to create music that resonated with the urban youth culture in France. The band’s name, which stands for “Art 2 Hyenes” (Art for Hyenas), reflects their commitment to creating raw and authentic music that addresses societal issues and personal experiences.

In 2012, A2H made their first notable appearance in the French hip-hop scene with the release of their debut album “Art de Vivre.” The album showcased their lyrical prowess and introduced their distinctive sound, which incorporated elements of hip-hop, rap, and urban influences. Songs like “Partout” and “Freddy” garnered attention for their introspective lyrics and catchy beats.

As their popularity grew, A2H continued to refine their musical style and explore different themes in their songs. The release of their second album “Libre” in 2015 further solidified their position in the French rap landscape. The album featured tracks that delved into personal growth, societal challenges, and the pursuit of artistic freedom. “J’ai Vu” and “Une Dernière Fois” were among the standout tracks that resonated with fans.

Throughout their career, A2H maintained a strong online presence, connecting with their audience through social media platforms and sharing their music on streaming services. Their engagement with fans allowed them to cultivate a dedicated following and establish a sense of community.

In 2019, A2H released the album “Summer Stories,” which showcased their versatility by incorporating more melodic elements and summer vibes into their music. The album featured collaborations with fellow artists, adding depth to their sonic palette and demonstrating their ability to collaborate across genres.

One of A2H‘s defining characteristics is their commitment to authenticity and addressing real-life issues through their lyrics. Their songs often touch on subjects such as social inequality, personal struggles, and the ups and downs of life in urban environments. This approach resonated with listeners who appreciated their willingness to tackle important topics within their music.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, A2H continues to contribute to the French hip-hop scene, releasing music that reflects their growth as artists and their connection to their fan base. With their thought-provoking lyrics, innovative sound, and dedication to their craft, A2H remains a notable presence in the world of French rap.


  • Art de Vivre” (2012)
  • Libre” (2015)
  • Summer Stories” (2019)


  • Adrien AdcaZz
  • Hugo Black’Os

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