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A4 is a Belarusian rock band that has carved a distinct niche in the Eastern European music scene. Formed in Minsk in the late 2000s, the band’s journey began with a group of passionate musicians who sought to create music that pushed boundaries and resonated with listeners. A4‘s unique fusion of rock, alternative, and folk influences, combined with introspective lyrics, set them apart from their contemporaries.

In 2008, A4 emerged onto the Belarusian music landscape with their debut album “Свобода или смерть” (Freedom or Death). The album’s title track and other songs like “Графiнi” (Countess) showcased the band’s ability to blend rock energy with thoughtful lyrics, addressing themes of freedom, identity, and societal challenges. The album’s success garnered attention and marked the beginning of their musical journey.

As the band continued to evolve, they explored diverse musical territories and experimented with their sound. Their second album “Четыре пути” (Four Paths) was released in 2010, introducing elements of folk rock and acoustic arrangements. Tracks like “Рыцари” (Knights) and “Сны” (Dreams) captured the band’s versatility and their knack for crafting emotive compositions.

In 2013, A4 released the album “Неизданное и the Best” (Unpublished and the Best), which featured a collection of unreleased tracks along with some of their most well-received songs. This compilation allowed fans to delve into the band’s creative process and appreciate their evolution over the years.

One of the hallmarks of A4‘s music is their ability to infuse their lyrics with a sense of introspection and authenticity. Their songs often delve into personal experiences, reflections on life, and the complexities of human emotions. This emotional depth resonated with listeners and solidified their connection with a dedicated fan base.

Throughout their career, A4 maintained a strong presence in the live music scene, performing at various festivals and concerts across Belarus and neighboring countries. Their energetic performances and genuine interactions with fans contributed to their reputation as a compelling live act.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, A4 remains an influential force in the Belarusian music scene, continuously producing music that reflects their growth as artists and their commitment to their craft. Their ability to blend various genres while staying true to their artistic vision has allowed them to maintain their relevance and impact over the years.


  • Свобода или смерть” (Freedom or Death, 2008)
  • Четыре пути” (Four Paths, 2010)
  • Неизданное и the Best” (Unpublished and the Best, 2013)


  • Alexey Gorbunov (vocals)
  • Dmitriy Voychenko (guitar)
  • Andrey Chumakov (bass)
  • Pavel Kiselev (drums)

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