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Aaron Cole is a contemporary Christian rapper, singer, and songwriter hailing from Bristol, Virginia. Born on February 28, 1999, Cole’s musical journey began at a young age, influenced by his family’s love for music and his deep faith. He quickly gained recognition for his compelling blend of rap, R&B, and gospel, making a significant impact on the Christian music scene.

Cole started rapping and performing in his early teenage years, showcasing his natural talent and passion for music. His debut mixtape, “God’s Work,” released in 2013 when he was just 15, garnered attention for his lyrical depth and introspective approach. This mixtape marked the beginning of his ascent in the world of Christian hip-hop.

In 2016, Cole released his debut studio album, “If I Can Be Honest.” The album showcased his growth as an artist, addressing topics like faith, identity, and personal struggles. The single “Do What I Gotta Do” resonated with listeners, highlighting Cole’s ability to connect with audiences through his honest and relatable lyrics.

Cole’s music often intertwines his faith with his personal experiences, making his songs not only relatable to the Christian community but also appealing to a broader audience. His sophomore album, “Virginia Boy” (2018), further solidified his unique style, blending his upbringing in the southern United States with his Christian values. Tracks like “Right on Time” and “Fasho” showcased his versatility and lyrical prowess.

As his career progressed, Cole gained recognition for his collaborations with prominent artists in the Christian and hip-hop genres. He worked with artists like TobyMac and Lecrae, further elevating his profile within the industry. His authenticity and dedication to his craft earned him respect from peers and fans alike.

In 2019, Cole signed with Gotee Records, a well-established Christian music label. This partnership allowed him to reach a wider audience and continue crafting music that reflects his faith and personal journey. His EP “Not By Chance” (2019) highlighted his growth as an artist and showcased his evolving sound.

One of Cole’s defining attributes is his ability to create music that tackles deep and thought-provoking subjects while maintaining an engaging and approachable style. His 2020 single “Why” addressed social issues and questioned systemic injustices, demonstrating his commitment to using his platform to advocate for positive change.

Cole‘s contributions to Christian hip-hop extend beyond his music. He has become a role model for aspiring artists, showcasing the possibilities of combining faith, artistry, and social impact. His ability to connect with both young listeners and those seeking meaningful messages has made him a standout figure in the Christian music scene.


  • God’s Work” (Mixtape, 2013)
  • If I Can Be Honest” (2016)
  • Virginia Boy” (2018)
  • Not By Chance” (EP, 2019)
  • AOTY” (EP, 2020)
  • AOTY2” (EP, 2020)

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