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Aaron Fresh, born Aaron Freshwood, is a singer, songwriter, and dancer hailing from the island of Guam. His musical journey began in the late 2000s, as he caught the attention of audiences with his vibrant personality, captivating voice, and impressive dance moves. Born on February 18, 1993, Fresh’s unique blend of pop, R&B, and island influences set him apart as a rising star in the music industry.

Fresh’s initial claim to fame came with his appearance on the reality TV show “America’s Best Dance Crew” (ABDC) in 2008. As part of the dance crew “Freshh”, he showcased his exceptional dance skills, winning over both judges and viewers. His performances on the show solidified his reputation as a dynamic and versatile performer.

Building on his momentum from ABDC, Fresh ventured into the world of music. In 2010, he released his debut single “Spending All My Time.” The song’s infectious melody and Fresh’s smooth vocals caught the attention of music enthusiasts, and it marked the beginning of his journey as a solo artist. The single’s success earned him recognition as a promising new talent.

Fresh’s music often blends various genres, reflecting his diverse musical influences. He infuses elements of pop, R&B, reggae, and island rhythms into his songs, creating a distinctive sound that appeals to a wide audience. His debut album, “Fresh N Up,” released in 2010, further showcased his versatility as an artist.

The single “Dirty Girl” from his debut album became a hit, earning airplay on radio stations and gaining popularity on music charts. Fresh’s ability to craft catchy hooks and memorable melodies contributed to his growing fan base. He followed up with singles like “Acquainted” and “Wait Until Tonight,” further establishing his presence in the music scene.

Fresh’s performances not only highlight his musical talents but also showcase his dynamic stage presence. His dance background adds an extra layer of entertainment to his shows, making them a complete sensory experience for audiences.

Despite the early successes, Fresh faced challenges and changes in the music industry. He continued to work on his craft and release music independently. His resilience and passion for music were evident as he explored different avenues to share his artistry with the world.


  • Fresh N Up” (2010, Album)
  • Spending All My Time” (2010, Single)
  • Dirty Girl” (2010, Single)
  • Acquainted” (2011, Single)
  • Wait Until Tonight” (2012, Single)
  • Issa Vibe” (2017, Single)
  • Love Zone” (2017, Single)
  • Love Lockdown” (2020, Single)

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