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Aaron May is an emerging rapper, singer, and songwriter known for his introspective lyrics, smooth flows, and distinctive sound. Born on June 1, 2001, in Houston, Texas, May has quickly made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene with his unique blend of melodic hooks and thought-provoking verses.

May‘s musical journey began in his teenage years when he started uploading his music to SoundCloud and other streaming platforms. His early releases showcased his raw talent and garnered attention from listeners who resonated with his candid approach to storytelling. His ability to touch on personal experiences, emotions, and the challenges of youth caught the attention of a growing fan base.

In 2017, May gained significant traction with his single “Let Go.” The song’s laid-back vibe, combined with May‘s reflective lyrics, showcased his ability to capture a mood and connect with his audience on a deeper level. The single’s success marked a pivotal moment in his career, encouraging him to further refine his craft.

As May continued to release music, his unique style drew comparisons to artists like J. Cole and Drake, who are known for their introspective and emotionally charged lyrics. His mix of hip-hop and R&B elements created a distinctive sonic palette that resonated with fans seeking relatable and authentic music.

In 2018, May released his debut album, “Chase,” which showcased his growth as an artist. The album’s tracks, such as “Let Go” and “Ride,” captured his introspective lyricism and his ability to seamlessly transition between rapping and singing. The project marked a milestone in his journey, earning him recognition within the hip-hop community and beyond.

May‘s music often explores themes of self-discovery, relationships, and the challenges of young adulthood. His ability to delve into these topics with honesty and vulnerability has earned him a dedicated following of listeners who find solace and relatability in his lyrics.

Following the success of “Chase,” May continued to release new music, including singles like “Ride” and “Roses.” His growing popularity led to opportunities for live performances and collaborations with other artists, further expanding his reach and influence.

Beyond his music, May has utilized social media platforms to connect with his fans and share insights into his creative process. His transparency and engagement have fostered a sense of community among his supporters, who eagerly anticipate his releases and appreciate his artistic authenticity.


  • Chase” (2018, Album)
  • Ride” (Single)
  • Roses” (Single)

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