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Accept is a legendary German heavy metal band that has significantly influenced the metal genre since its formation in the late 1970s. Renowned for their powerful sound, memorable riffs, and distinctive vocals, Accept’s history is a testament to their enduring impact on the global metal community.


  • 1976: The band is founded in Solingen, Germany, by guitarist Wolf Hoffmann and bassist Peter Baltes. Initially named Band X, they later change their name to Accept.
  • 1979: Accept releases their self-titled debut album, which lays the foundation for their signature heavy metal sound. The album features a mix of raw energy, driving rhythms, and catchy melodies.
  • 1981: The band releases the album “Breaker,” solidifying their reputation as a rising force in the metal scene. The album’s title track and “Son of a Bitch” become fan favorites.
  • 1982: Accept releases “Restless and Wild,” a pivotal album that introduces the world to the classic track “Fast as a Shark.” This album also showcases the band’s knack for combining melody with ferociousness.
  • 1983:Balls to the Wall,” perhaps Accept’s most iconic album, is released. The title track becomes an anthem, and the album gains international recognition, cementing their status as heavy metal legends.
  • 1984: Accept releases “Metal Heart,” featuring the hit single “Midnight Mover.” The album continues their streak of successful releases and solidifies their place in the metal pantheon.
  • 1985: The album “Russian Roulette” is released, showcasing a slightly darker and more experimental side of Accept’s music. The album features tracks like “TV War” and “Walking in the Shadow.”
  • 1986: Founding members Udo Dirkschneider (vocals) and Stefan Kaufmann (drums) depart the band, leading to a lineup change. Dirkschneider’s distinct vocals were a defining element of Accept’s sound.
  • 1987: Dirkschneider is replaced by David Reece for the album “Eat the Heat.” However, the album receives mixed reactions, and Reece’s tenure with the band is short-lived.
  • 1993: After a hiatus, Accept reunites with Udo Dirkschneider and releases “Objection Overruled,” marking a return to their classic sound. The album is well-received by fans and critics.
  • 2010: Accept releases “Blood of the Nations” with new vocalist Mark Tornillo. The album is hailed as a triumphant comeback, capturing the essence of their classic material while bringing a modern edge.
  • 2012: The band releases “Stalingrad,” which further solidifies their revitalized status in the metal world. The album showcases their ability to maintain their signature sound while continuing to evolve.
  • 2014: Accept releases “Blind Rage,” completing a trilogy of successful albums with Tornillo on vocals. The album is celebrated for its consistency and powerful tracks.
  • 2021: The band releases “Too Mean to Die,” their sixteenth studio album. The album’s title track and its accompanying singles continue to demonstrate Accept’s unwavering energy and musical prowess.

Accept’s history is a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and unyielding commitment to their craft. Their influence on heavy metal music, from the early days of classic albums to their modern releases, has left an indelible mark on the genre.


  1. Accept (1979)
  2. I’m a Rebel (1980)
  3. Breaker (1981)
  4. Restless and Wild (1982)
  5. Balls to the Wall (1983)
  6. Metal Heart (1985)
  7. Russian Roulette (1986)
  8. Eat the Heat (1989)
  9. Objection Overruled (1993)
  10. Blood of the Nations (2010)
  11. Stalingrad (2012)
  12. Blind Rage (2014)
  13. The Rise of Chaos (2017)
  14. Too Mean to Die (2021)


  • Wolf Hoffmann – Guitar
  • Peter Baltes – Bass
  • Mark Tornillo – Vocals
  • Christopher Williams – Drums
  • Uwe Lulis – Guitar

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Accept’s legacy in the world of heavy metal music is marked by their enduring music, dynamic performances, and dedication to the genre’s evolution. With a history spanning decades, they continue to captivate metal enthusiasts around the globe.


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