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The history of Acid Bath is a journey through the depths of experimental metal, marked by their distinctive blend of sludge, doom, and alternative influences. Formed in the early 1990s in Louisiana, USA, the band’s brief but impactful existence left an indelible mark on the metal genre. Their music, characterized by haunting vocals, heavy riffs, and a sense of impending darkness, has garnered a dedicated fanbase and solidified their legacy as pioneers of the extreme metal scene.


  • 1991: Acid Bath forms in Houma, Louisiana, consisting of Dax Riggs (vocals), Sammy Duet (guitar), Mike Sanchez (guitar), Audie Pitre (bass), and Jimmy Kyle (drums). The band’s name is inspired by an event involving a victim who was killed and dissolved in acid.
  • 1993: The band releases their debut album, “When the Kite String Pops.” The album’s mix of sludge, doom, and psychedelic elements sets them apart from traditional metal bands. Their dark and introspective lyrics, along with their unique sound, gain attention within the underground metal scene.
  • 1994: Acid Bath signs with Rotten Records and gains a growing following in the metal community. Their music resonates with listeners who are drawn to its raw intensity and unsettling atmosphere.
  • 1996: The band releases their second and final album, “Paegan Terrorism Tactics.” The album continues to explore their signature sound, delving into themes of spirituality, addiction, and personal turmoil. It showcases their ability to create complex, genre-defying compositions.
  • 1997: Tragedy strikes when bassist Audie Pitre dies in a car accident. The loss of a key member leads to the band’s disbandment shortly after. The members go their separate ways, and the metal community mourns the end of Acid Bath‘s unique musical journey.


  1. “When the Kite String Pops” (1994) – Album
  2. “Paegan Terrorism Tactics” (1996) – Album


  • Dax Riggs: Vocals
  • Sammy Duet: Guitar
  • Mike Sanchez: Guitar
  • Audie Pitre: Bass
  • Jimmy Kyle: Drums

Official Social Media Accounts:

  • None available, as the band disbanded in 1997.

Acid Bath‘s journey is a haunting tale of artistic exploration, tragedy, and the enduring influence of their music on the metal genre. Their ability to merge disparate elements and create a sonic atmosphere that resonates with fans of various subgenres remains a testament to their creativity. Despite their relatively short existence, Acid Bath‘s legacy lives on as an inspiration to musicians who seek to push the boundaries of metal and express their innermost emotions through their craft.


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