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The history of Acres is a journey through the emotional landscape of post-hardcore music, marked by their ability to convey raw emotions and introspection through their powerful sound. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Acres has emerged as a prominent force in the post-hardcore scene, captivating audiences with their cathartic melodies, impactful lyrics, and dynamic performances. From their inception to their rise as a defining voice in the genre, the timeline of Acres reflects their dedication to creating music that resonates deeply with listeners.


  • 2014: Acres forms in the heart of the United Kingdom, a collective effort of musicians with a shared vision for emotional expression through music. The band consists of Ben Lumber (vocals), Alex Freeman (guitar), Tom Weaver (guitar), Joe Yorke (bass), and Konstantin Donskoy (drums).
  • 2015: The band releases their debut EP, “Solace,” which introduces their unique blend of post-hardcore and melodic elements. The EP’s emotional weight and immersive soundscapes hint at the musical journey that lies ahead for the band.
  • 2017: Acres releases their second EP, “In Sickness & Health,” further solidifying their presence in the post-hardcore landscape. The EP’s themes of vulnerability, loss, and personal growth resonate with fans drawn to their heartfelt approach to songwriting.
  • 2019: The band releases their debut full-length album, “Lonely World.” The album marks a significant milestone in their career, showcasing their musical maturity and their ability to create a cohesive body of work that explores themes of isolation and self-discovery.
  • 2021: Acres releases their sophomore album, “LONELY WORLD,” building on the emotional foundations of their debut while pushing their sonic boundaries. The album’s dynamic range and introspective lyrics continue to captivate audiences seeking depth in their musical experiences.


  1. “Solace” (2015) – EP
  2. “In Sickness & Health” (2017) – EP
  3. “Lonely World” (2019) – Album
  4. “LONELY WORLD” (2021) – Album


  • Ben Lumber: Vocals
  • Alex Freeman: Guitar
  • Tom Weaver: Guitar
  • Joe Yorke: Bass
  • Konstantin Donskoy: Drums

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Acres‘ journey is a testament to the power of emotional expression and sonic depth within the post-hardcore genre. Their ability to create music that resonates with listeners on a personal level speaks to their authenticity as artists. As they continue to explore the intricacies of human emotions through their music and connect with fans who seek solace and understanding, Acres remains a driving force in the post-hardcore scene, reminding us of the cathartic power of music to heal and connect.


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