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The history of Action Bronson, born Ariyan Arslani, is a tale of culinary raps and multifaceted artistry that transcends music, embracing culinary exploration, television, and a distinct presence in the hip-hop world. Hailing from Flushing, Queens, New York, Action Bronson has emerged as a charismatic figure in the rap scene, captivating audiences with his vivid lyricism, larger-than-life personality, and culinary talents. From his beginnings in the underground to his rise as a mainstream artist and media personality, the timeline of Action Bronson reflects his diverse interests and his ability to reinvent the boundaries of hip-hop culture.


  • 1983: Born in Flushing, Queens, Action Bronson grows up in a multicultural environment that shapes his musical tastes and influences. He develops a passion for both hip-hop and culinary arts from a young age.
  • 2011: Action Bronson gains attention with his debut mixtape, “Dr. Lecter.” The mixtape showcases his intricate lyricism, unique flow, and references to food that will become a recurring theme in his music.
  • 2012: The artist releases “Blue Chips,” a collaborative mixtape with producer Party Supplies. The mixtape’s innovative production and Action Bronson‘s witty storytelling propel him further into the spotlight.
  • 2013: Action Bronson signs with Vice Records and releases his debut studio album, “Saaab Stories,” which features production from Harry Fraud and contributions from fellow rapper Schoolboy Q.
  • 2014: The artist releases “Blue Chips 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to his previous mixtape with Party Supplies. The mixtape’s unique sampling and playful lyricism showcase his ability to balance humor and depth.
  • 2015: Action Bronson releases his major-label debut album, “Mr. Wonderful,” featuring collaborations with artists like Chance the Rapper and Mark Ronson. The album’s eclectic production and autobiographical storytelling mark a new chapter in his career.
  • 2016: The artist launches “F*ck, That’s Delicious,” a food-centric web series that combines his love for hip-hop and culinary exploration. The series becomes a hit, reflecting his vibrant personality and passion for food.
  • 2020: Action Bronson releases his album “Only for Dolphins,” which showcases his lyrical prowess, versatility, and knack for storytelling. The album’s themes of growth, self-discovery, and resilience resonate with his evolving artistic journey.


  1. “Dr. Lecter” (2011) – Mixtape
  2. “Blue Chips” (2012) – Mixtape (with Party Supplies)
  3. “Saaab Stories” (2013) – Album
  4. “Mr. Wonderful” (2015) – Album
  5. “Blue Chips 2” (2014) – Mixtape (with Party Supplies)
  6. “Only for Dolphins” (2020) – Album


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Action Bronson‘s journey is a testament to the fusion of diverse passions and the power of authenticity within the hip-hop landscape. As he seamlessly blends his culinary expertise with his lyrical prowess, Action Bronson redefines what it means to be a multi-dimensional artist. His ability to connect with fans through music, television, and social media makes him a relatable figure who continues to influence the culture of both hip-hop and the culinary arts.


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