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The history of Active Child, the musical project of Pat Grossi, is a journey into the enchanting world of harp-infused electronica, marked by ethereal vocals, intricate production, and a unique blend of classical and contemporary influences. Pat Grossi’s distinctive sound has captivated listeners, with his ability to seamlessly merge delicate harp melodies and electronic elements. From his early exploration of music to his rise as a prominent figure in the indie electronic scene, the timeline of Active Child reflects his dedication to pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation.


  • 1985: Pat Grossi is born in New Jersey, USA. Growing up in a musically inclined family, he develops an early interest in music and begins experimenting with various instruments.
  • 2010: Active Child emerges as a musical project with the release of the debut EP, “Curtis Lane.” The EP showcases Grossi’s unique style, blending his ethereal vocals with harp melodies and electronic elements.
  • 2011: The artist gains attention with his single “Hanging On,” featuring guest vocals from Ellie Goulding. The song’s haunting beauty and intricate production highlight his ability to craft emotionally resonant music.
  • 2011: Active Child releases the debut full-length album, “You Are All I See.” The album’s fusion of classical and electronic elements creates a dreamlike atmosphere that becomes a defining aspect of Grossi’s sound.
  • 2013: The artist releases the EP “Rapor,” which further explores his sonic palette and showcases his growth as a songwriter and producer. The EP’s introspective themes and atmospheric soundscapes captivate listeners.
  • 2015: Active Child releases the album “Mercy,” which continues to showcase his enchanting harp-infused electronica. The album’s introspective lyrics and lush arrangements solidify his position in the indie electronic scene.
  • 2021: Grossi continues to create music under the moniker Active Child, engaging with his fanbase through social media and online platforms. His evolution as an artist continues to intrigue listeners who are drawn to his distinctive blend of sounds.


  1. “Curtis Lane” (2010) – EP
  2. “You Are All I See” (2011) – Album
  3. “Rapor” (2013) – EP
  4. “Mercy” (2015) – Album


  • Pat Grossi: Artist, Vocals, Harp, Multi-instrumentalist

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Active Child‘s journey is a testament to the power of musical experimentation and the ability to carve a unique sonic identity. Pat Grossi’s mastery of blending seemingly disparate elements, such as harp and electronic sounds, showcases his artistic vision and commitment to pushing boundaries. As he continues to explore new avenues of sonic expression and engage with listeners through his enchanting music, Active Child remains an emblem of innovation and creativity within the realm of electronic music.


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