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Adam Doleac, an accomplished artist in the contemporary country music scene, has made a remarkable journey in the industry, marked by his distinctive sound and heartfelt lyrics. Born on June 27, 1987, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Doleac’s passion for music was evident from a young age. He began playing the guitar and writing songs during his college years, setting the stage for his future in the music world.

Doleac’s rise to prominence gained momentum with a series of significant milestones. In 2014, he released his debut single “Whiskey’s Fine,” which showcased his soulful voice and songwriting prowess. The track received positive reviews and foreshadowed his promising career ahead. As an accomplished songwriter, Doleac’s compositions have been praised for their emotional depth and relatable themes, making a connection with audiences worldwide.

In 2017, Doleac released his self-titled EP, featuring tracks like “Bigger Than Us” and “Some Girls.” These songs not only showcased his vocal range but also his ability to craft songs that resonated with listeners on a personal level. The EP garnered attention and set the stage for Doleac’s breakthrough.

2019 proved to be a pivotal year for Doleac’s career. He released his single “Famous,” which quickly gained traction and became a fan favorite. The song’s infectious melody and introspective lyrics highlighted Doleac’s evolution as an artist. The music video for “Famous” further solidified his presence in the country music landscape.

Continuing his upward trajectory, 2020 saw the release of Doleac’s debut studio album, “Famous.” The album showcased his growth as a songwriter and performer, blending country, rock, and pop influences. Tracks like “Mom and Daddy’s Money” and “Neon Fools” exemplified his versatility, while the title track “Famous” became an anthem of self-discovery and authenticity.

Doleac’s music not only resonated with fans but also caught the attention of industry insiders. His talent as a songwriter led to collaborations with other prominent artists, further solidifying his reputation. His live performances captivated audiences, showcasing his charismatic stage presence and undeniable connection with fans.

As of my last update in September 2021, Adam Doleac’s journey continues to unfold, with new milestones and musical endeavors undoubtedly on the horizon. His commitment to crafting meaningful songs and his ability to evoke emotions through his music make him a compelling figure in the modern country music landscape.


  • Adam Doleac (EP, 2017)
  • Famous (Album, 2020)

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  • Adam Doleac (Vocals, Guitar)

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