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Adam Gregory is a Canadian country music artist known for his soulful voice, captivating stage presence, and contributions to the country music scene. Born on July 12, 1985, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Gregory’s journey in the music industry has been marked by a passion for storytelling through song and a commitment to his craft.


  • 1998: Adam Gregory’s musical journey began at a young age when he started performing at local venues in his hometown of Edmonton. His talent as a singer and performer quickly garnered attention within the local music community.
  • 2000: At the age of 15, Gregory signed his first record deal with Sony Music Canada. This marked the beginning of his professional music career, and he continued to develop his skills as a country artist.
  • 2001: Gregory released his debut single, “Horseshoes,” which became a hit on Canadian country radio. The song’s catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics introduced him to a broader audience.
  • 2002: His debut self-titled album, “Adam Gregory,” was released, featuring a mix of contemporary and traditional country songs. The album’s success in Canada established him as a rising star in the country music scene.
  • 2003: Gregory’s sophomore album, “Workin’ on It,” further solidified his presence in the Canadian country music landscape. The album showcased his growth as an artist and his ability to connect with audiences through his music.
  • 2005: Adam Gregory’s song “Crazy Days” became a chart-topping hit in Canada and earned him the Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Country Artist. The song’s relatable lyrics and infectious melody resonated with country music fans.
  • 2006: Gregory continued to release new music, including the album “Different Places.” The album’s title track and other singles like “Don’t Let Go” demonstrated his versatility as an artist.
  • 2008: The artist released “Crazy Days,” an album that showcased his maturation as a songwriter and performer. The title track and its accompanying singles received positive reviews from fans and critics alike.
  • 2011: After taking a brief hiatus from recording and touring, Adam Gregory returned to the music scene with the album “Different Places.” The album featured his heartfelt songwriting and distinctive vocal style.
  • 2015: Gregory continued to release new music, including the EP “Dirt Road Therapy,” which featured a collection of songs that reflected his experiences and growth as an artist.
  • 2021: Adam Gregory released his single “Why I’m Single,” a song that resonated with fans and marked a new chapter in his music career.

Throughout his career, Adam Gregory has consistently delivered authentic country music that connects with listeners on a personal level. His dedication to storytelling through song and his passion for the genre have made him a beloved figure in Canadian country music.


  1. Adam Gregory” (2002)
  2. Workin’ on It” (2003)
  3. Different Places” (2006)
  4. Crazy Days” (2008)
  5. Different Places” (2011)
  6. Dirt Road Therapy” (2015) – EP


  • Adam Gregory – Vocals, Guitar

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Adam Gregory’s music journey is a testament to his commitment to country music and his ability to connect with audiences through his heartfelt songs. With a career spanning over two decades, he continues to be a respected and cherished artist in the Canadian country music scene.

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