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Adam Lambert is an American singer, songwriter, and performer known for his extraordinary vocal range, theatrical stage presence, and unique blend of pop, rock, and glam influences. Born on January 29, 1982, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Lambert’s journey in the music industry has been marked by his fearless approach to self-expression and his ability to captivate audiences around the world.


  • 2009: Adam Lambert first gained widespread recognition when he participated in the eighth season of the reality TV competition show “American Idol.” His powerful performances and flamboyant style made him a standout contestant, earning him a devoted fan base.
  • 2009: Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” was released, showcasing his versatility as an artist. The album included tracks like “Whataya Want from Me” and the title track, which received critical acclaim and commercial success.
  • 2010: Lambert embarked on his first solo tour, the “Glam Nation Tour,” which showcased his dynamic stage presence and the fusion of pop, rock, and glam elements in his music.
  • 2012: Lambert released his second studio album, “Trespassing,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. The album’s success solidified his status as a rising pop star and featured hits like “Never Close Our Eyes” and “Better Than I Know Myself.”
  • 2013: Lambert began collaborating with the iconic rock band Queen as their lead vocalist for various live performances. His electrifying stage presence and vocal prowess paid tribute to the band’s legendary frontman, Freddie Mercury, while bringing a fresh energy to their classic songs.
  • 2015: Lambert released his third studio album, “The Original High,” which featured a more mature and introspective sound. The album’s single, “Ghost Town,” became a hit and showcased Lambert’s evolving musical style.
  • 2018: Lambert continued his collaboration with Queen, embarking on the “Queen + Adam Lambert” tour, which took them to sold-out arenas and stadiums worldwide. The tour celebrated Queen’s timeless music while showcasing Lambert’s remarkable ability to honor Mercury’s legacy.
  • 2019: Lambert released “Velvet: Side A,” the first half of his fourth studio album. The EP featured a more funk and R&B-infused sound, highlighting his growth as an artist.
  • 2020: Lambert released “Velvet: Side B,” completing his fourth studio album. The project delved further into the funk and R&B influences, showcasing his vocal versatility and evolving musical identity.
  • 2021: Lambert’s collaboration with Queen continued with the release of the live album “Live Around the World,” which documented their electrifying performances. He also released his single “Welcome to the Show” and continued to explore new musical directions.

Adam Lambert’s journey in the music industry is characterized by his ability to transcend boundaries and genres, bringing a fresh and authentic voice to the world of pop and rock.


  1. For Your Entertainment” (2009)
  2. Trespassing” (2012)
  3. The Original High” (2015)
  4. Velvet: Side A” (2019) – EP
  5. Velvet: Side B” (2020) – EP


  • Adam Lambert – Vocals

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Adam Lambert’s artistic journey has been defined by his ability to push boundaries, embrace diversity, and create music that resonates with a broad and dedicated fan base. His collaboration with Queen has not only honored the band’s iconic legacy but has also showcased his own exceptional talents as a vocalist and performer.

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