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Adam Saleh is a Yemeni-American singer, songwriter, and YouTuber who has gained fame for his music, vlogs, and collaborations with other social media personalities. Born on June 4, 1993, in New York City, Saleh’s journey in the entertainment industry is marked by his ability to connect with a global audience through his creativity and charisma.


  • 2012: Adam Saleh created his YouTube channel, “TrueStoryASA,” with his friend Sheikh Akbar. The channel featured pranks, skits, and vlogs, and quickly gained a following for its entertaining content.
  • 2014: Saleh released his debut single, “Diamond Girl,” which marked his entry into the music industry. The song showcased his musical talent and gained traction among his YouTube subscribers.
  • 2015: The YouTuber released the single “Tears,” which featured the British singer Zack Knight. The emotional song garnered millions of views and established Saleh as a musician with crossover potential.
  • 2016: Adam Saleh released the track “All You Can Handle,” featuring Demarco. The song blended elements of pop and hip-hop and showcased his ability to create catchy and relatable music.
  • 2017: Saleh released the single “Waynak,” featuring Faydee. The song’s Arabic influences and infectious melody resonated with a global audience, earning millions of views on YouTube.
  • 2019: The artist released “Laa ilaaha illallah,” which featured Jason Derulo. The song incorporated Arabic elements and showcased Saleh’s multicultural background.
  • 2020: Adam Saleh released the single “Keep Up,” featuring the British-Pakistani singer UpsideDown. The song combined English and Punjabi lyrics, reflecting his commitment to bridging cultural boundaries through music.
  • 2021: Saleh continued to release new music, including the single “Ride or Die,” which featured Zack Knight. The song’s upbeat sound and memorable chorus resonated with his fan base.

Adam Saleh’s journey in the entertainment industry is characterized by his ability to connect with a diverse and global audience through his YouTube content and music. His multicultural background and creative endeavors have allowed him to break boundaries and explore new avenues of artistic expression.


  1. Diamond Girl” (2014) – Single
  2. Tears” (2015) – Single
  3. All You Can Handle” (2016) – Single
  4. Waynak” (2017) – Single
  5. Laa ilaaha illallah” (2019) – Single
  6. Keep Up” (2020) – Single
  7. Ride or Die” (2021) – Single

Members (TrueStoryASA):

  • Adam Saleh
  • Sheikh Akbar (formerly part of the duo)

Official Social Media Accounts:

Adam Saleh’s multifaceted career as a YouTuber and musician reflects his ability to create content and music that resonate with a diverse and global audience. His commitment to bridging cultural gaps through entertainment has earned him a dedicated following and a unique place in the world of social media and music.


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