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Adventure Club is a Canadian electronic music duo that has made a significant impact on the global electronic dance music (EDM) scene. Formed in Montreal, Quebec in 2011, the duo consists of Christian Srigley and Leighton James, whose passion for music and talent as producers have propelled them to international stardom.

Formation and Early Years (2011 – 2013): Adventure Club’s journey began when Christian Srigley and Leighton James, both longtime friends and music enthusiasts, decided to combine their musical talents and form a duo. Their unique blend of melodic dubstep and electronic music quickly caught the attention of the EDM community. In 2011, Adventure Club released their debut single, “Do I See Color,” which garnered positive reviews and set the stage for their future success.

The following year, they gained widespread recognition for their remix of Flight Facilities’ track “Crave You.” The remix became a viral sensation and marked a turning point in their career, earning them a dedicated fan base.

Rise to Prominence and Debut Album (2013 – 2016): In 2013, Adventure Club released their debut EP, “Calling All Heroes Part One,” which featured tracks like “Gold” and “Wonder.” The EP showcased their ability to infuse emotional depth into their music, combining powerful vocals with their signature melodic dubstep sound.

Adventure Club continued to build their reputation through a series of successful singles and collaborations, including tracks with artists like Yuna (“Gold“) and Krewella (“Rise & Fall“). Their remixes for artists such as Foxes, MS MR, and Daisy Guttridge further solidified their status as remix masters in the EDM world.

In 2016, Adventure Club released their highly anticipated debut album, “Red // Blue.” The album featured a diverse range of tracks, from the melodic and introspective “Limitless” to the high-energy “Firestorm.” It received positive reviews and demonstrated their evolution as artists capable of pushing boundaries within the EDM genre.

Continued Success and Tours (2017 – Present): Adventure Club’s post-album years were marked by a steady stream of singles and EPs, including “Superheroes Anonymous, Vol. 6” and “Death or Glory Sessions.” They maintained a rigorous touring schedule, performing at major festivals and venues worldwide, including Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Ultra Music Festival, and Coachella.

Their collaboration with Said the Sky and Calivania, “Already Know,” released in 2019, showcased their ability to craft emotionally resonant and anthemic tracks that connected with fans on a profound level.


Adventure Club’s discography reflects their growth as artists and their impact on the EDM scene:

  1. Do I See Color” (2011) – Debut Single
  2. Calling All Heroes Part One” (2013) – EP
    • Notable Tracks: “Gold,” “Wonder”
  3. Red // Blue” (2016) – Debut Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Limitless,” “Firestorm”
  4. Death or Glory Sessions” (2018) – EP
    • Notable Track: “Death or Glory”
  5. Death or Glory (Remixes)” (2020) – Remix EP
    • Notable Track: “Death or Glory (Zeds Dead Remix)”
  6. Already Know” (2019) – Single
    • Notable Track: “Already Know”


Adventure Club consists of the following members:

  1. Christian Srigley – Producer, DJ
  2. Leighton James – Producer, DJ

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Adventure Club continues to be a driving force in the EDM world, known for their emotive and genre-defying music. With a dedicated fan base and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, their future releases and performances are eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide.

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