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aespa is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2020, characterized by their unique concept of combining the virtual and real worlds. The group quickly gained international attention for their captivating music, futuristic aesthetics, and innovative approach to K-pop. Here’s a timeline of their history and achievements.

Pre-Debut (2019 – 2020):

  • October 2020: SM Entertainment announced the formation of a new girl group named “aespa,” with plans to debut in November. The name “aespa” is a combination of “æ,” which represents “Avatar X Experience,” and “aspect,” signifying the members and their avatars coexisting.
  • November 17, 2020: aespa made their highly anticipated debut with the single “Black Mamba.” The song and its accompanying music video showcased the group’s captivating visuals and introduced the concept of the “ae” avatars, which are virtual counterparts to the real-life members.

Debut and Early Success (2020 – 2021):

  • November 17, 2020: aespa’s debut single album, “Black Mamba,” was released, featuring the title track “Black Mamba.” The song became an instant hit and garnered millions of views on YouTube within hours of its release.
  • November 2020: aespa quickly gained attention for their unique concept, blending the real world with a virtual universe called “æspa.” Each member has her virtual counterpart, and the avatars play a significant role in their music videos and storytelling.
  • January 2021: The group released a digital single, “Forever,” which showcased their vocal and visual prowess. It was met with a positive response from fans and music critics alike.
  • February 2021: aespa earned their first music show win on SBS’s “Inkigayo” with “Forever,” marking a significant achievement for a rookie group.


aespa’s discography reflects their innovative and captivating approach to music and storytelling:

  1. Black Mamba” (2020) – Single Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Black Mamba,” “Forever”
  2. Savage” (2021) – Single Album
    • Notable Tracks: “Savage,” “I’ll Make You Cry”
  3. (Upcoming) – aespa continues to release music, with their discography expanding as they explore new concepts and musical styles.


aespa is composed of four talented members, each with their virtual avatar counterpart:

  1. Karina (카리나) – Leader, Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
    • Avatar: æ-Karina
  2. Giselle (지젤) – Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
    • Avatar: æ-Giselle
  3. Winter (윈터) – Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
    • Avatar: æ-Winter
  4. Ningning (닝닝) – Lead Vocalist, Sub-Rapper
    • Avatar: æ-Ningning

Official Social Media Accounts:

Stay connected with aespa and immerse yourself in their captivating virtual universe through their official social media accounts:

aespa’s social media channels provide fans with access to their music videos, performances, and updates on their innovative concept. Follow them to stay up-to-date with their latest releases and the exciting developments in their virtual world.

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