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Agnes is a Swedish singer-songwriter who has made a significant impact on the international music scene with her powerful vocals and versatile musical style. Born Agnes Emilia Carlsson on March 6, 1988, in Vänersborg, Sweden, she rose to prominence through talent shows and has since become a respected artist known for her remarkable talent. Here is a history and timeline of Agnes’s career, followed by her discography and relevant details.

2005: Agnes gained nationwide recognition in Sweden when she won the second season of the talent show “Idol,” which is the Swedish version of “American Idol.” Her impressive vocal range and stage presence captivated audiences.

2006: Agnes released her debut single, “Right Here, Right Now,” which marked the beginning of her music career. The song received commercial success in Sweden and set the stage for her future endeavors.

2008: Her debut studio album, “Agnes,” was released, featuring tracks like “Release Me” and “On and On.” “Release Me” became a massive hit not only in Sweden but also in various countries across Europe, topping the charts and earning her international acclaim.

2009: Agnes released the album “Dance Love Pop,” which included successful singles like “I Need You Now” and “Sometimes I Forget.” Her music, characterized by dance-pop and electro-pop influences, continued to resonate with a broad audience.

2010: Agnes represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Release Me.” Although she did not win, her participation in the competition further solidified her status as a prominent artist in Europe.

2012: Agnes released her third studio album, “Veritas,” which featured a more mature and reflective sound. The album included songs like “One Last Time” and showcased her growth as an artist.

2013-2016: Agnes took a hiatus from releasing new music, focusing on personal and creative development during this period.

2016: She made a triumphant return with the single “Fingers Crossed,” signaling her intention to continue her music career.

2018: Agnes released the EP “Nothing Can Compare,” featuring the title track and other songs that displayed her signature emotive vocals.

2019: Agnes released the single “I Trance,” which was well-received and showcased her ongoing exploration of new musical styles.

2020: Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Agnes continued to engage with her audience through virtual performances and social media interactions.

2021: She released the single “24 Hours,” marking her continued presence in the music industry and reaffirming her ability to craft captivating pop tracks.


Agnes pursued a solo career, and there is no specific band or group associated with her. Her music journey has centered around her individual talent and artistic vision.


  1. Agnes” (2008)
  2. Dance Love Pop” (2009)
  3. Veritas” (2012)
  4. Nothing Can Compare” (2018) – EP

Agnes’s discography may have evolved since my last knowledge update in September 2021, so it’s advisable to check for any new releases.

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