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Agnostic Front, a legendary hardcore punk band, has left an indelible mark on the music world with their aggressive and influential sound. Formed in New York City in 1980, they are pioneers of the hardcore punk movement and are widely regarded as one of the most influential bands in the genre’s history.

1980: Agnostic Front was founded by Vinnie Stigma and Roger Miret, two musicians deeply immersed in the burgeoning punk scene of New York City. The band’s early lineup also featured bassist Adam Mucci and drummer Ray Barbieri.

1983: The band released their debut album, “Victim in Pain,” which showcased their raw and aggressive style. The album is considered a classic in the hardcore punk genre.

1984: Agnostic Front released their sophomore album, “Cause for Alarm,” which marked a shift towards a more crossover thrash sound.

1986: After a period of lineup changes, the band released “Liberty and Justice For…,” which continued to push the boundaries of hardcore punk.

1987: The release of “One Voice” solidified their reputation as a leading force in the hardcore punk scene.

1989: The band took a hiatus, during which Roger Miret served time in prison on drug-related charges.

1992: Agnostic Front returned with the album “One Voice,” which was well-received by fans and critics alike.

1998: “Something’s Gotta Give” was released, showcasing a more diverse and evolved sound while retaining their hardcore roots.

2001: The band released “Dead Yuppies,” which continued their tradition of delivering socially and politically charged lyrics.

2004: Agnostic Front released “Another Voice,” further solidifying their place in the hardcore punk pantheon.

2011: “My Life My Way” was released, featuring a mix of hardcore and punk influences and highlighting the band’s enduring relevance.

2015: Agnostic Front released “The American Dream Died,” a powerful album that tackled contemporary issues and demonstrated the band’s unwavering commitment to their message.

2020: The band celebrated their 40th anniversary with the release of “Get Loud!,” a testament to their enduring energy and passion.

Throughout their history, Agnostic Front has seen numerous lineup changes, with Roger Miret being the consistent frontman. Some of the notable members over the years include guitarists Vinnie Stigma, Matt Henderson, and Alex Kinon, bassists Rob Kabula and Mike Gallo, and drummers such as Will Shepler and Pokey Mo.

Agnostic Front Discography:

  1. “Victim in Pain” (1984)
  2. “Cause for Alarm” (1986)
  3. “Liberty and Justice For…” (1987)
  4. “One Voice” (1992)
  5. “Last Warning” (1993)
  6. “Something’s Gotta Give” (1998)
  7. “Riot, Riot, Upstart” (1999)
  8. “Dead Yuppies” (2001)
  9. “Another Voice” (2004)
  10. “Warriors” (2007)
  11. “My Life My Way” (2011)
  12. “The American Dream Died” (2015)
  13. “Get Loud!” (2020)

Current Band Members:

  • Roger Miret – Vocals
  • Vinnie Stigma – Guitar
  • Mike Gallo – Bass
  • Pokey Mo – Drums
  • Craig Silverman – Guitar

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Agnostic Front’s enduring legacy in the hardcore punk scene is a testament to their dedication, resilience, and ability to adapt while staying true to their roots. With a discography spanning several decades, they continue to inspire and influence new generations of punk and hardcore enthusiasts. You can stay connected with them through their official social media channels and immerse yourself in their powerful music on YouTube and Spotify.

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