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Airways is a British indie rock band known for their high-energy performances and catchy, anthemic songs. Formed in the mid-2010s, the band quickly gained attention in the UK music scene. Here’s a timeline tracing their history:

2015: Airways was founded in Peterborough, England, by lead vocalist and guitarist Jake Daniels and bassist Jamie Nicoll. The band’s early days were marked by local gigs and the gradual development of their distinctive sound.

2016: Airways expanded their lineup with the addition of Alex Ruggiero on drums and Brian Moroney on keyboards and guitar, solidifying their four-piece lineup.

2017: The band released their debut single, “One Foot,” which received positive reviews and marked the beginning of their journey into the music industry. The track showcased their knack for crafting infectious hooks and memorable melodies.

2018: Airways released their second single, “Alien,” which further highlighted their ability to create anthemic indie rock tracks. The song received airplay on BBC Radio 1, bringing the band increased visibility.

2019: The band released their debut EP, “Starting to Spin,” which featured the singles “Blue Gasoline” and “Trampoline.” The EP showcased Airways’ growing confidence and maturity as songwriters.

2020: Airways continued to build their fanbase with the release of singles like “Out of Luck” and “Mad World.” Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the band remained active and engaged with their audience through virtual performances and social media.

2021: Airways released their second EP, “There Is No Way To Stop It,” which included tracks like “Neon” and “Safe Inside.” The EP was well-received by fans and critics, cementing the band’s reputation as a rising force in the indie rock scene.

Throughout their career, Airways has become known for their energetic live shows and their ability to connect with audiences through their music. They have performed at various festivals and toured extensively, further establishing themselves in the UK and beyond.


  1. One Foot” (2017)
  2. Alien” (2018)
  3. Starting to Spin” (EP, 2019)
    • Notable Tracks: “Blue Gasoline,” “Trampoline”
  4. Out of Luck” (2020)
  5. Mad World” (2020)
  6. There Is No Way To Stop It” (EP, 2021)
    • Notable Tracks: “Neon,” “Safe Inside”

Members of Airways:

  • Jake Daniels – Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Jamie Nicoll – Bass
  • Alex Ruggiero – Drums
  • Brian Moroney – Keyboards, Guitar

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