AJ McLean Information

Alexander James McLean, better known as AJ McLean, is an American singer, songwriter, and member of the iconic boy band, the Backstreet Boys. Born on January 9, 1978, in West Palm Beach, Florida, McLean’s journey in the music industry has spanned several decades, marked by remarkable achievements and personal growth.

Early Years (1978-1992):

AJ McLean’s passion for music was evident from a young age. His family recognized his talent and supported his dreams. At the age of 4, AJ began his journey as a child performer, appearing in various commercials and advertisements. This early exposure laid the foundation for his future career in music.

Backstreet Boys Formation (1993):

In 1993, AJ McLean joined forces with Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, and Brian Littrell to form the Backstreet Boys. The group quickly gained popularity with their harmonious vocals and catchy pop tunes. Their first album, “Backstreet Boys,” was released in 1996 and marked the beginning of their global success.

Global Stardom (Late 1990s):

During the late 1990s, the Backstreet Boys achieved unparalleled success. Their albums, “Backstreet’s Back” (1997) and “Millennium” (1999), catapulted them to international stardom. Hits like “Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)” and “I Want It That Way” became anthems of the era, cementing the group’s place in music history.

Challenges and Solo Endeavors (Early 2000s):

The early 2000s saw AJ McLean and the Backstreet Boys facing challenges, including personal struggles and changing music trends. McLean briefly ventured into a solo career during this time, releasing his debut album, “Have It All,” in 2010.

Backstreet Boys Resurgence (2013-Present):

The Backstreet Boys experienced a resurgence in the 2010s. They released albums like “In a World Like This” (2013) and “DNA” (2019), both of which received critical acclaim and commercial success. AJ McLean and the group continued to tour globally, entertaining generations of fans.

Personal Growth and Sobriety:

AJ McLean openly shared his struggles with substance abuse and addiction, highlighting the importance of seeking help and recovery. His journey to sobriety inspired many and showcased his resilience.


AJ McLean has been an integral part of the Backstreet Boys’ discography, contributing to numerous albums and hit singles. Some of their notable albums include:

  1. “Backstreet Boys” (1996)
  2. “Backstreet’s Back” (1997)
  3. “Millennium” (1999)
  4. “Black & Blue” (2000)
  5. “Never Gone” (2005)
  6. “Unbreakable” (2007)
  7. “This Is Us” (2009)
  8. “In a World Like This” (2013)
  9. “DNA” (2019)

Backstreet Boys Members:

  • AJ McLean
  • Kevin Richardson
  • Howie Dorough
  • Nick Carter
  • Brian Littrell

Official Social Media Accounts:

  1. AJ McLean’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/aj_mclean
  2. AJ McLean’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aj_mclean/
  3. AJ McLean’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AJMcLeanOfficial
  4. Backstreet Boys’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/backstreetboys
  5. Backstreet Boys’ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/backstreetboys/
  6. Backstreet Boys’ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/backstreetboys
  7. Backstreet Boys’ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BackstreetBoys
  8. Backstreet Boys’ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5rSXSAkZ67PYJSvpUpkOr7

AJ McLean’s career has been marked by his dedication to music, personal growth, and his enduring contribution to one of the most successful boy bands in history, the Backstreet Boys. With a rich history spanning decades, AJ McLean’s legacy continues to inspire fans around the world.

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