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AJ Tracey is a British rapper, singer, and songwriter who has made a significant impact on the UK music scene. Born on March 4, 1994, in Ladbroke Grove, London, his rise to prominence has been marked by his distinctive style, lyrical prowess, and his ability to fuse various musical genres. Here is a comprehensive timeline of AJ Tracey’s career and key milestones:

1994: AJ Tracey, born Ché Wolton Grant, grew up in West London, where he was exposed to various music genres, including grime and garage.

2015: He began his music career by uploading tracks to the streaming platform SoundCloud, gaining recognition for his distinctive sound and witty lyricism.

2016: AJ released his debut EP, “The Front,” which featured tracks like “Swerve & Skid” and “Naila,” showcasing his talent and versatility.

2017: He released his self-titled debut studio album, “AJ Tracey,” which garnered critical acclaim and spawned hit singles like “Thiago Silva” and “Pasta.” The album’s success solidified his position as a rising star in the UK music scene.

2018: AJ Tracey continued to make waves with his EP “Secure the Bag!,” featuring collaborations with artists like Craig David and JME.

2019: He released the single “Ladbroke Grove,” which became a massive commercial success, topping the UK Singles Chart and earning him widespread recognition.

2020: AJ released his second studio album, “AJ Tracey Deluxe,” which included tracks like “Dinner Guest” and “West Ten.” The album showcased his growth as an artist and his ability to blend different genres seamlessly.

2021: He released his third studio album, “Flu Game,” featuring tracks such as “Little More Love” and “Anxious.” This album further solidified his status as one of the UK’s most prominent and influential artists.


  1. The Front” (2016, EP)
  2. AJ Tracey” (2017, Studio Album)
  3. Secure the Bag!” (2018, EP)
  4. AJ Tracey Deluxe” (2020, Studio Album)
  5. Flu Game” (2021, Studio Album)

Members (associated with his musical career):

AJ Tracey is primarily known as a solo artist and does not have a band or group of members.

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AJ Tracey’s career trajectory showcases his ability to adapt and innovate within the UK music scene. With a distinctive sound and charismatic stage presence, he has risen to prominence as a leading figure in British rap and continues to push boundaries in the genre.

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