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Akia is an Irish music producer hailing from Limerick, with roots in the picturesque county of Tipperary. Known for their innovative sound and unique blend of electronic and experimental music, Akia has carved out a distinct niche in the music industry. Let’s dive into the history and timeline of this talented artist.

History and Timeline:

  • Early Life: Akia’s journey in the world of music began in the rolling hills of Tipperary, where they developed a deep appreciation for sound and rhythm from a young age.
  • Formative Years: In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Akia’s passion for electronic music blossomed. They started experimenting with beats and melodies, laying the foundation for their future career.
  • Limerick Scene: Akia emerged as a prominent figure in the vibrant music scene of Limerick, collaborating with local talents and honing their skills in live performances.
  • Musical Evolution: Through years of dedication and exploration, Akia’s sound evolved, drawing inspiration from various genres such as techno, ambient, and experimental music.
  • Breakthrough Tracks: Akia gained recognition with tracks like “Euphoria Dreams” and “Synthetic Horizons,” which showcased their ability to craft hypnotic, otherworldly soundscapes.
  • Debut Album: In 2015, Akia released their debut album, titled “Sonic Odyssey.” This marked a significant milestone in their career, receiving critical acclaim for its boundary-pushing sound.
  • Global Reach: Akia’s music began to resonate with a global audience, attracting fans from around the world who appreciated their innovative approach to electronic music.
  • Collaborations: Over the years, Akia collaborated with renowned artists and producers, further expanding their musical horizons and pushing the boundaries of their creativity.


  1. Sonic Odyssey (2015)
  2. Nebula Reverie (2017)
  3. Cosmic Currents (2019)
  4. Astral Alchemy (2021)


Akia is a solo artist and producer, fully responsible for the creation and execution of their unique musical vision.

Official Social Media Accounts:

Akia’s musical journey, marked by creativity, innovation, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. Be sure to follow Akia on their official social media accounts to stay updated on their latest releases and musical explorations.

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