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ALA.NI, a British-American singer-songwriter, is known for her enchanting and soulful music that draws inspiration from various genres, including jazz, blues, and folk. Born in London to Grenadian parents, ALA.NI, whose real name is Alani Charal, began her musical journey at an early age. Her captivating voice and unique style have earned her recognition in the contemporary music scene.

The early 2010s marked the beginning of ALA.NI’s career when she moved to Paris and began working as a backing vocalist for prominent artists such as Mary J. Blige and Damon Albarn. This experience provided her with valuable insights into the music industry and served as a stepping stone for her solo career.

In 2015, ALA.NI released her debut EP, “You & I,” which showcased her distinctive vocals and ability to craft intimate and emotive songs. The EP received critical acclaim and introduced her to a wider audience.

The following year, in 2016, ALA.NI released her debut album, “You & I,” which expanded on the themes explored in her EP. The album’s minimalist production and timeless melodies drew comparisons to classic jazz and soul music, establishing her as a promising new voice in the world of indie folk and jazz.

In 2019, ALA.NI released her sophomore album, “ACCA,” which further solidified her reputation as an artist with a unique vision. The album featured a cappella arrangements and showcased her vocal prowess in its purest form. Critics praised her ability to create a deeply emotional and intimate listening experience.

Throughout her career, ALA.NI’s music has been characterized by its vulnerability and introspection. Her lyrics often touch on themes of love, identity, and personal growth, and her enchanting voice has the power to transport listeners to another time and place.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, ALA.NI continued to captivate audiences with her music, and she was actively involved in the contemporary music scene. To stay up-to-date with her latest releases and activities, it’s advisable to check her official social media profiles and streaming platforms.


  1. “You & I” (EP, 2015)
  2. “You & I” (Album, 2016)
  3. “ACCA” (Album, 2019)


ALA.NI is primarily a solo artist, and her music revolves around her unique vocals and songwriting. While she may collaborate with other musicians on occasion, there is no consistent band lineup associated with her.

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