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Alabama is an iconic American country music band that has left an indelible mark on the genre with their distinctive sound and timeless hits. Let’s explore the history and timeline of this legendary group’s journey.

History and Timeline:

  • Formation: Alabama was formed in Fort Payne, Alabama, in 1969. The band originally consisted of three cousins: Randy Owen, Teddy Gentry, and Jeff Cook, along with drummer Mark Herndon who joined later.
  • Early Years: In the early 1970s, the band played in bars and clubs, honing their craft and building a local following. They initially performed under various names, including “Young Country.”
  • RCA Records Signing: Alabama’s big break came in 1980 when they signed with RCA Records. Their self-titled debut album, “Alabama,” was released the same year and featured their first hit single, “Tennessee River.”
  • Chart-Topping Success: Alabama’s second album, “My Home’s in Alabama” (1980), catapulted them to stardom. The title track and “Why Lady Why” became chart-topping hits, firmly establishing Alabama as a force in country music.
  • Prolific 1980s: Throughout the 1980s, Alabama released a string of highly successful albums, including “Feels So Right” (1981), “Mountain Music” (1982), and “The Closer You Get…” (1983). Their distinctive harmonies and blend of country and rock elements resonated with a broad audience.
  • Crossover Success: Alabama’s music crossed over into pop charts, showcasing their mass appeal. Hits like “Love in the First Degree” and “40 Hour Week (For a Livin’)” became favorites among both country and pop fans.
  • Acclaim and Awards: Alabama received numerous awards and accolades during their career, including Grammy Awards, Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, and Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards.
  • The Fort Payne Boom: The city of Fort Payne, Alabama, celebrated Alabama’s success with a monument and a museum, recognizing the band’s contributions to their hometown and the music industry.
  • Hiatus and Reunion: In the 2000s, Alabama took a hiatus from touring, but they reunited for special performances and events, including their induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005.
  • Final Album: In 2015, Alabama released their final studio album, “Southern Drawl,” before officially retiring from touring.


  1. Alabama (1980)
  2. My Home’s in Alabama (1980)
  3. Feels So Right (1981)
  4. Mountain Music (1982)
  5. The Closer You Get… (1983)
  6. Roll On (1984)
  7. 40-Hour Week (1985)
  8. The Touch (1986)
  9. Just Us (1987)
  10. Southern Star (1989)
  11. Pass It on Down (1990)
  12. American Pride (1992)
  13. Cheap Seats (1993)
  14. In Pictures (1995)
  15. Dancin’ on the Boulevard (1997)
  16. Twentieth Century (1999)
  17. When It All Goes South (2001)
  18. Songs of Inspiration (2006)
  19. Southern Drawl (2015)


  • Randy Owen: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Teddy Gentry: Bass guitar and backing vocals
  • Jeff Cook: Lead guitar, fiddle, and backing vocals
  • Mark Herndon: Drums (until 2008)

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