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Alan Walker, the British-Norwegian electronic music sensation, has etched his name into the annals of modern music history with a meteoric rise fueled by innovation and captivating melodies. Born on August 24, 1997, in Northampton, England, he later relocated to Bergen, Norway, where his artistic journey would truly take flight.


2012: At the tender age of 15, Alan began his exploration of music production, embarking on a path that would soon propel him to global stardom.

2014: The breakout moment arrived when Alan, still just 17, created the track that would define his career, “Faded.” The song, accompanied by mesmerizing visuals, was unleashed on YouTube, rapidly amassing views and making Alan a household name in the electronic music world. The iconic “Walker Guy” logo became synonymous with his brand.

2015: Walker inked a pivotal deal with the Norwegian record label Mer Musikk, marking a significant step forward in his career. During this period, he continued to release a string of successful tracks, including “Spectre” and “Force.”

2016: The release of “Sing Me to Sleep” catapulted Alan to new heights, garnering millions of views and further cementing his position in the electronic music scene.

2017: Alan Walker took a significant leap with the release of his debut studio album, “Different World.” The album showcased a fusion of electronic styles and featured hit tracks like “All Falls Down” and “Darkside.” The eponymous track “Different World” stood out with its captivating sound and powerful vocals.

2018: Collaborations with artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko resulted in the chart-topping hit “On My Way.” Alan Walker also produced the official theme song for the immensely popular video game, PUBG Mobile, titled “Live Fast.”

2019: Alan’s collaboration with American singer Ava Max resulted in the track “Alone, Pt. II.” The accompanying music video continued the storyline of the Walker Guy character, captivating fans worldwide.

2020: The release of “Heading Home” in collaboration with Norwegian DJ Ruben showcased his ability to create euphoric dance music that resonated with audiences globally.

2021: Alan Walker’s collaboration with Russian DJ Artem Valiev bore fruit with the track “Space Man,” demonstrating his continued innovation in the electronic music landscape.

2022: Walker announced his second studio album, “HORIZON,” generating immense anticipation among fans. This release marked a new chapter in his career as he continued to push the boundaries of electronic music.


  1. Different World” (2018)
    • Includes: “Faded,” “Sing Me to Sleep,” “All Falls Down,” “Darkside,” and more.
  2. HORIZON” (2022)
    • Featuring tracks like “Space Man” and other exciting collaborations.


Alan Walker primarily operates as a solo artist. However, he often collaborates with various singers and producers, contributing to the dynamic nature of his music.

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