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Alba Reche is a Spanish singer and songwriter who rose to prominence through her participation in the reality show “Operación Triunfo.” Her career has been marked by her unique voice, powerful performances, and her ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt music. Let’s explore the history and timeline of Alba Reche’s remarkable journey in the music industry.

Early Life and Introduction to Music (1997-2018): Alba Reche was born on July 10, 1997, in Elche, Spain. From a young age, she showed a deep passion for music, particularly indie and alternative genres. Her distinctive voice and creative spirit set her apart even as a child. Prior to her appearance on “Operación Triunfo,” she was part of a local band called The Mamzelles, which allowed her to gain some experience in the music scene.

“Operación Triunfo” Journey (2018): In 2018, Alba Reche auditioned for the Spanish reality show “Operación Triunfo,” a singing competition that catapulted her into the public eye. Her raw talent, unique style, and emotional performances quickly made her a fan favorite.

Debut Album – “Quimera” (2019): Following her success on “Operación Triunfo,” Alba Reche released her debut album, “Quimera,” in 2019. The album showcased her distinctive voice and artistic vision, with a blend of indie and alternative pop influences. Songs like “Canción de Paloma” and “Medusa” resonated with fans and critics alike.

National and International Tours (2019-2020): Alba Reche’s talent and stage presence led to successful tours, allowing her to connect with audiences both in Spain and internationally. Her live performances earned her a reputation as a captivating and emotive performer.

Collaborations and Continued Growth (2021-Present): As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Alba Reche was actively collaborating with other artists and releasing new music. Her career continued to evolve, and her growing discography demonstrated her versatility and willingness to explore different musical styles.


  • Quimera” (2019)


Alba Reche is primarily a solo artist, and her music is often associated with her unique voice and artistic vision. While she may collaborate with various musicians and producers on individual tracks, she is the central creative force in her work.

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