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Jason Aldean, born on February 28, 1977, is a renowned American country music artist known for his distinctive sound and chart-topping hits. His career has spanned several decades, marked by significant achievements and a profound impact on the country music genre.

Early Career (2005-2009): Jason Aldean’s journey to country music stardom began when he signed with Broken Bow Records in 2005. His self-titled debut album, “Jason Aldean,” was released the same year. While it garnered moderate attention, it was his second album, “Relentless,” in 2007 that started to establish him as a rising star. The album featured hits like “Johnny Cash” and “Laughed Until We Cried.”

Breakthrough and Chart-Topping Success (2010-2012): Aldean’s career reached new heights with his fourth album, “My Kinda Party,” released in 2010. This album included the immensely popular single “Dirt Road Anthem” and “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” a duet with Kelly Clarkson. “My Kinda Party” not only topped the country charts but also crossed over to mainstream success, solidifying Aldean’s position as a leading figure in country music.

Night Train and Continued Success (2013-2014): In 2012, Aldean released “Night Train,” his fifth studio album. This album featured hits like “Take a Little Ride” and the title track, “Night Train.” His energetic live performances and relatable lyrics resonated with audiences, contributing to his consistent chart-topping success.

Old Boots, New Dirt and Expansion (2014-2015): The album “Old Boots, New Dirt,” released in 2014, showcased Aldean’s evolution as an artist. It included hit singles such as “Burnin’ It Down” and “Tonight Looks Good on You.” This album further cemented his status as one of country music’s leading contemporary artists.

They Don’t Know and Continued Excellence (2016-2018): Aldean’s consistent excellence continued with the release of his seventh studio album, “They Don’t Know,” in 2016. The title track and singles like “A Little More Summertime” resonated with fans, and Aldean continued to sell out stadiums during his tours.

Rearview Town and Recent Career (2018-present): In 2018, Aldean released “Rearview Town,” his eighth studio album. It featured hits like “You Make It Easy” and “Drowns the Whiskey,” a duet with Miranda Lambert. This album continued his streak of chart-toppers, further solidifying his status as a country music icon.


  1. Jason Aldean” (2005)
    • “Hicktown”
    • “Amarillo Sky”
    • “Why”
    • “Even If I Wanted To”
    • and more.
  2. Relentless” (2007)
    • “Johnny Cash”
    • “Laughed Until We Cried”
    • “I Use What I Got”
    • “No”
    • and more.
  3. Wide Open” (2009)
    • “She’s Country”
    • “Big Green Tractor”
    • “The Truth”
    • “Crazy Town”
    • and more.
  4. My Kinda Party” (2010)
    • “Dirt Road Anthem”
    • “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (with Kelly Clarkson)
    • “Tattoos on This Town”
    • “Fly Over States”
    • and more.
  5. Night Train” (2012)
    • “Take a Little Ride”
    • “The Only Way I Know” (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church)
    • “Night Train”
    • “1994”
    • and more.
  6. Old Boots, New Dirt” (2014)
    • “Burnin’ It Down”
    • “Just Gettin’ Started”
    • “Tonight Looks Good on You”
    • “Gonna Know We Were Here”
    • and more.
  7. They Don’t Know” (2016)
    • “Lights Come On”
    • “A Little More Summertime”
    • “Any Ol’ Barstool”
    • “They Don’t Know”
    • and more.
  8. Rearview Town” (2018)
    • “You Make It Easy”
    • “Drowns the Whiskey” (with Miranda Lambert)
    • “Rearview Town”
    • “Girl Like You”
    • and more.


Jason Aldean is a solo artist and does not belong to a band or musical group. He often collaborates with other artists for duets or featured performances.

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