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Alex Wiley is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer known for his lyrical prowess, genre-blending style, and his contributions to the hip-hop scene. Born on July 20, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, his musical journey has been marked by his unique approach to rap, his collaborations with fellow artists, and his growth as a versatile performer.

Wiley’s musical journey began in his teenage years when he started experimenting with rap and honing his lyrical skills. He garnered attention with his early mixtapes, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend elements of hip-hop, electronic, and alternative sounds. His distinct style and thoughtful lyrics set him apart from his peers and quickly gained him a following.

In 2012, Wiley released his debut mixtape “Club Wiley”, which introduced listeners to his energetic flow and his willingness to experiment with different sonic textures. The mixtape featured tracks like “Spaceship II” and “Heauxs”, highlighting his lyrical dexterity and his ability to deliver catchy hooks.

One of Wiley’s defining moments came with the release of his mixtape “Village Party” in 2013. The mixtape showcased his growth as an artist and received critical acclaim for its introspective lyrics, diverse production, and Wiley’s ability to address both personal experiences and social issues. The project’s success solidified his position in the Chicago hip-hop scene and beyond.

Wiley’s collaborations with other artists further showcased his versatility and his ability to work across different genres. He teamed up with Chance the Rapper on the track “Spaceship” and joined forces with Vic Mensa and Donnie Trumpet for the song “Jerome”, demonstrating his commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

In 2015, Wiley released his project “Village Party 2: Heaven’s Gate”, which continued the themes of self-discovery and personal growth. The project featured tracks like “Navigator Truck” and “Still Calling”, further solidifying his reputation as a wordsmith with the ability to deliver both introspective and socially conscious messages.

Wiley’s approach to music continued to evolve with the release of his album “Synthia” in 2016, which showcased a more experimental sound while maintaining his signature lyrical prowess. The album delved into themes of relationships, self-exploration, and the challenges of navigating the music industry.

Throughout his career, Alex Wiley has been known for his openness about mental health and his experiences with anxiety and depression. His willingness to discuss these topics in his music has resonated with fans and highlighted the importance of addressing mental health within the hip-hop community.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here is a snapshot of Alex Wiley’s discography:


  • “Club Wiley” (2012) – Mixtape
  • “Village Party” (2013) – Mixtape
  • “Village Party 2: Heaven’s Gate” (2015) – Mixtape
  • “Synthia” (2016) – Album

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