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Alexander Jean is a dynamic musical duo consisting of Mark Ballas and BC Jean. Their collaborative journey has led to a fusion of musical talents, resulting in a unique sound that encompasses various genres. Individually accomplished artists, Mark Ballas and BC Jean came together to create a musical partnership that has captivated audiences with their chemistry and creativity.

Mark Ballas, a multitalented artist, was born on May 24, 1986, in Houston, Texas. He initially gained recognition as a professional dancer and choreographer, appearing on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars” and winning the competition multiple times. In addition to his dance career, Mark is also a skilled musician, singer, and songwriter.

BC Jean, born as Brittany Jean Carlson, was born on April 22, 1987, in San Diego, California. She is an accomplished singer and songwriter known for her distinct voice and emotive songwriting. BC Jean’s music has garnered attention for its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

The musical journey of Alexander Jean began when Mark Ballas and BC Jean crossed paths as friends and fellow musicians. Their shared passion for music led them to collaborate on various projects, eventually evolving into a full-fledged duo. The name “Alexander Jean” is a combination of their middle names, symbolizing the partnership and mutual respect they share.

In 2015, Alexander Jean released their debut single “Roses and Violets”, a song that not only showcased their musical talents but also served as a testament to their romantic relationship. The heartfelt lyrics and harmonious vocals resonated with listeners, and the song gained attention for its authenticity and emotional depth.

The duo’s music is characterized by its genre-blending approach, incorporating elements of pop, rock, folk, and indie sounds. Their ability to seamlessly blend their individual styles while creating a cohesive sound is a testament to their chemistry as both musical collaborators and partners.

Alexander Jean’s debut EP, “Head High”, was released in 2016. The EP further solidified their place in the music industry, featuring a collection of songs that highlighted their songwriting prowess and vocal harmonies. Tracks like “Thief” and “Whiskey and Morphine” showcased their ability to craft both energetic and soulful songs.

Their live performances are another aspect that sets Alexander Jean apart. The duo’s chemistry on stage is palpable, with their captivating performances drawing audiences into their musical world. Mark’s guitar skills and BC Jean’s powerful vocals create an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impact.

In addition to their original music, Alexander Jean has also gained recognition for their creative covers of popular songs. Their reinterpretations often infuse the tracks with their own unique style, breathing new life into familiar melodies.

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Members of Alexander Jean:

  • Mark Ballas
  • BC Jean

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