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alextbh is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, and producer who has gained recognition for his unique blend of R&B, electronic, and pop sounds, as well as his openness about his experiences as a queer artist. Born in Kuala Lumpur, his musical journey has been marked by his rise through digital platforms, his exploration of identity and sexuality in his music, and his commitment to pushing boundaries in the Malaysian music scene.

Alex Bong, known professionally as alextbh, began his musical journey in his teenage years, experimenting with production software and honing his songwriting skills. His distinctive approach to music production and his willingness to address LGBTQ+ themes in his lyrics set him apart from his peers.

In 2017, alextbh released his debut single “Stoop So Low”, which showcased his sultry vocals and his ability to create atmospheric electronic beats. The song gained attention for its introspective lyrics, exploring themes of vulnerability and self-worth, and marked his emergence as a prominent figure in the Malaysian music scene.

His music resonated with audiences globally, leading to a growing online following. The internet became a crucial platform for alextbh to connect with fans and share his music, especially given the challenges of addressing LGBTQ+ themes in a country where the topic is often stigmatized.

In 2018, alextbh released his second single “still mine”, which continued to explore themes of love, desire, and identity. The song’s dreamy production and evocative lyrics resonated with listeners, contributing to his reputation as an artist unafraid to delve into personal experiences through his music.

The following year, in 2019, alextbh released his EP “the chase”, a collection of songs that delved deeper into his experiences as a queer individual. The EP’s lead single “walls” became a standout track, addressing the complexities of hiding one’s true self and the desire to break free from societal constraints. The EP’s introspective and honest nature garnered praise for its vulnerability and relatability.

One of alextbh’s strengths is his ability to merge intricate electronic production with emotionally charged lyrics, creating music that resonates on both sonic and emotional levels. His songs often touch on themes of self-discovery, love, and the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, contributing to his reputation as a voice for queer representation in music.



  • “Stoop So Low” (2017) – Single
  • “still mine” (2018) – Single
  • “the chase” (2019) – EP


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