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Alive Like Me, an American alternative rock band, made waves in the music scene with their emotionally charged lyrics and energetic performances. Formed in 2013 in Eugene, Oregon, the band’s relatively brief existence was marked by a passionate following and impactful music.

The band consisted of lead vocalist Jairus Kersey, guitarist Dakota Dufloth, guitarist Joel Riley, bassist David Knox, and drummer Dusty Riach. Together, they created a sound that blended elements of post-hardcore and alternative rock, characterized by emotionally charged lyrics and a dynamic musicality.

In 2014, Alive Like Me signed with Rise Records, a label known for its affiliation with prominent alternative and post-hardcore bands. This partnership provided the band with a platform to share their music with a wider audience.

The band’s debut studio album, “Only Forever,” was released in 2014. This album showcased their ability to craft powerful songs that resonated with listeners. Tracks like “Start Again” and “Better Off” exemplified their emotional depth and musical prowess.

In 2015, Alive Like Me embarked on a nationwide tour, which allowed them to connect with fans and further solidify their presence in the alternative rock scene. Their live performances were known for their energy and emotional intensity.

Despite their promising start, Alive Like Me faced challenges as they continued their musical journey. Lineup changes and other obstacles tested the band’s resilience. However, they remained committed to their craft and their fans.

Tragically, in 2016, the band announced their decision to disband. This news came as a disappointment to their dedicated fan base, who had connected deeply with the band’s music and lyrics. While their time together was relatively short, Alive Like Me left an indelible mark on the alternative rock scene.


  1. “Only Forever” (2014) – Debut studio album


  • Jairus Kersey – Lead Vocals
  • Dakota Dufloth – Guitar
  • Joel Riley – Guitar
  • David Knox – Bass
  • Dusty Riach – Drums

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