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All Sons & Daughters was an American contemporary Christian music duo that left a profound impact on the worship music scene through their soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and intimate worship experiences. Formed in Franklin, Tennessee in the mid-2000s, the duo’s history is marked by their dedication to creating music that fosters connection and reflection.

The duo consisted of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, who both shared a passion for crafting songs that captured the essence of personal faith and communal worship. Their journey began when they started leading worship at the Journey Church in Franklin, where they began to experiment with songwriting and develop their distinctive sound.

In 2011, All Sons & Daughters gained wider recognition with their self-titled EP, which featured tracks like “All the Poor and Powerless” and “Your Glory.” The EP’s organic instrumentation, emotive vocals, and heartfelt lyrics resonated with listeners seeking a more contemplative and authentic worship experience.

Their debut full-length album, “Season One,” released in 2012, continued to showcase their signature style. The album’s tracks, including “Brokenness Aside” and “Oh How I Need You,” offered a blend of acoustic folk and modern worship, providing a fresh perspective on expressing devotion to faith.

The duo’s music often incorporated themes of grace, redemption, and the journey of faith, allowing listeners to connect with the songs on a deeply personal level. Their ability to combine spiritual depth with musical accessibility made them a beloved choice for congregational worship settings.

In 2013, All Sons & Daughters released “Live,” a live album that captured the energy and authenticity of their worship gatherings. The album’s tracks, including “Great Are You Lord” and “Reason to Sing,” showcased their skill in leading listeners into moments of reflection and praise.

Their second full-length album, “All Sons & Daughters,” released in 2014, continued to emphasize their commitment to creating music that resonated with a broad audience. The album featured tracks such as “You Will Remain” and “Christ Be All Around Me,” offering a balance between theologically rich lyrics and engaging melodies.

Throughout their career, All Sons & Daughters collaborated with other artists and worship leaders, contributing to the larger worship music community. Their music was characterized by its simplicity, vulnerability, and emphasis on congregational participation, making it accessible to listeners of all backgrounds.

In 2016, the duo released “Poets & Saints,” an album inspired by the stories of historical Christian figures and their own journeys of faith. The album’s tracks, including “This My Inheritance” and “Path of Sorrow,” showcased their ability to draw inspiration from the past while remaining relevant in the present.

Despite their significant contributions to the worship music landscape, All Sons & Daughters announced in 2018 that they would be stepping back from touring and recording as a duo. Their decision was met with an outpouring of gratitude from fans who had been deeply impacted by their music and worship experiences.

All Sons & Daughters’ Discography:

  1. Season One” (2012)
  2. All Sons & Daughters” (2014)
  3. Live” (2013)
  4. Poets & Saints” (2016)

Members of All Sons & Daughters:

  • David Leonard (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Leslie Jordan (Vocals, Guitar)

Official Social Media Accounts:

All Sons & Daughters’ legacy in the world of worship music is a testament to their ability to create music that fosters a deep sense of connection and contemplation. Their soul-stirring melodies and honest lyrics continue to inspire listeners to engage in meaningful worship experiences.

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