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All That Remains is an American metalcore band that has left an indelible mark on the heavy music scene through their powerful sound, intricate guitar work, and emotionally charged lyrics. Formed in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1998, the band’s history is characterized by their evolution from their early days to becoming one of the prominent names in the metal genre.

The band was founded by Philip Labonte (vocals) and Oli Herbert (guitar), who were driven by a shared passion for creating music that combined aggression with melodic sensibilities. Their early years were marked by local performances and the release of their debut album, “Behind Silence and Solitude,” in 2002. The album’s blend of metalcore and melodic elements showcased their potential and set the stage for their future success.

All That Remains gained wider recognition with their second album, “This Darkened Heart,” released in 2004. The album’s tracks, including “Tattered on My Sleeve” and “This Darkened Heart,” further solidified their reputation for blending aggressive riffs and emotionally charged lyrics. Philip Labonte’s versatile vocals, ranging from guttural screams to melodic singing, became a defining feature of their sound.

In 2006, the band released “The Fall of Ideals,” a critically acclaimed album that propelled them into the mainstream metal scene. The album’s lead single, “This Calling,” became a breakthrough hit, showcasing their ability to create memorable hooks while maintaining their heavy edge. The album’s tracks, including “The Air That I Breathe” and “Six,” demonstrated their musicianship and songwriting depth.

All That Remains continued to evolve their sound with their 2008 album, “Overcome,” which featured a more polished production and incorporated elements of hard rock. The album’s single, “Two Weeks,” became one of their most iconic songs, highlighting their ability to craft emotionally charged melodies that resonated with fans.

The band’s lyrical themes often delved into personal struggles, relationships, and introspection. Their ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level set them apart in the metalcore genre.

In 2010, they released “For We Are Many,” which showcased their continued growth as musicians. The album’s tracks, including “Hold On” and “The Last Time,” displayed their ability to seamlessly transition between heavy breakdowns and melodic choruses.

Tragedy struck the band in 2018 with the sudden passing of guitarist Oli Herbert. Despite this loss, All That Remains continued to create music and released their 2018 album, “Victim of the New Disease.” The album served as a tribute to Herbert’s legacy and featured tracks such as “Fuck Love” and “Wasteland,” which explored themes of pain, resilience, and personal growth.

Throughout their career, All That Remains’ lineup went through changes, with members joining and departing. The band’s resilience and dedication to their craft remained evident as they continued to perform and create new music.

All That Remains’ Discography:

  1. Behind Silence and Solitude” (2002)
  2. This Darkened Heart” (2004)
  3. The Fall of Ideals” (2006)
  4. Overcome” (2008)
  5. For We Are Many” (2010)
  6. A War You Cannot Win” (2012)
  7. The Order of Things” (2015)
  8. Madness” (2017)
  9. Victim of the New Disease” (2018)
  10. Just Tell Me Something” (2022)

Notable Members of All That Remains:

  • Philip Labonte (Vocals)
  • Mike Martin (Guitar)
  • Jason Richardson (Guitar)
  • Aaron Patrick (Bass)
  • Jason Costa (Drums)

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All That Remains’ journey in the metal genre reflects their ability to evolve while staying true to their heavy roots. Their powerful music, emotional lyrics, and energetic performances have solidified their position as influential figures in the modern metal scene.

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