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Alle Farben, whose real name is Frans Zimmer, is a German DJ, producer, and electronic music artist known for his vibrant and genre-crossing soundscapes. Born in Berlin in 1985, Alle Farben has risen to prominence for his ability to blend various styles of electronic music, creating tracks that are both dancefloor anthems and deeply emotive pieces.

History and Timeline:

  • Early Beginnings and Inspiration: Alle Farben’s musical journey began in his teenage years when he developed a passion for electronic music. Drawing inspiration from various genres such as techno, house, and indie, he sought to create a unique fusion that would later become his signature sound.
  • “She Moves” and Breakthrough (2013): Alle Farben gained widespread recognition with the release of his single “She Moves” featuring vocals by Graham Candy in 2013. The song’s infectious melody and upbeat rhythm resonated with listeners, becoming a chart-topping hit and propelling him into the international spotlight.
  • Debut Album “Synesthesia” (2014): In 2014, Alle Farben released his debut studio album “Synesthesia”, which showcased his diverse range of influences and his knack for crafting catchy hooks. The album featured a collection of tracks that seamlessly blended electronic, pop, and indie elements.
  • Continued Success with “Music Is My Best Friend” (2016): His second album, “Music Is My Best Friend”, was released in 2016. The album solidified his status as a dynamic artist, exploring a wide array of emotions through his music. Tracks like “Bad Ideas” and “Please Tell Rosie” became fan favorites and received extensive radio play.
  • Global Performances and Collaborations: Throughout his career, Alle Farben has performed at major festivals and venues worldwide, captivating audiences with his energetic sets and infectious enthusiasm. He has also collaborated with various artists and producers, contributing his unique touch to tracks across different genres.
  • “Sticker on My Suitcase” and Continued Evolution (2019): In 2019, Alle Farben released his third album, “Sticker on My Suitcase”, which showcased a more introspective and mature side of his artistry. The album explored themes of identity, travel, and self-discovery, reflecting his own experiences as a globetrotting musician.
  • Consistent Releases and Innovation: Alle Farben has continued to release new music and explore innovative sounds throughout his career. His ability to adapt to changing trends while staying true to his artistic vision has earned him a dedicated fan base.


  • “Synesthesia” (2014) – Studio Album
  • “Music Is My Best Friend” (2016) – Studio Album
  • “Sticker on My Suitcase” (2019) – Studio Album

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Alle Farben’s ability to seamlessly blend various electronic music genres and his dedication to pushing creative boundaries have established him as a leading figure in the global electronic music scene.

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