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Alpine is an Australian indie pop band known for their enchanting melodies, ethereal vocals, and atmospheric soundscapes. Formed in Melbourne in 2009, the band’s history is marked by their artistic exploration and their ability to craft music that transports listeners to dreamlike realms.

The band’s lineup originally consisted of Phoebe Baker (vocals), Louise Croft (vocals), Christian O’Brien (guitar), Ryan Lamb (bass), Tim Royall (keys), and Phil Tucker (drums). Their shared passion for creating immersive music led to the formation of Alpine.

In 2010, Alpine released their debut EP, “Zurich,” which introduced their unique blend of indie pop and electronic elements. The EP’s title track showcased their enchanting harmonies and intricate instrumentation, garnering attention for their ability to create a sonic landscape that felt both nostalgic and innovative.

Their breakthrough came in 2012 with the release of their debut album, “A Is for Alpine.” The album’s tracks, including “Hands” and “Gasoline,” captivated listeners with their infectious hooks and Baker and Croft’s mesmerizing vocals. The band’s sound, often described as a fusion of pop, electronic, and indie influences, set them apart in the Australian music scene.

Alpine’s music is marked by its dreamy quality and introspective lyrics, often exploring themes of relationships, self-discovery, and the complexities of human emotions. Their ability to create music that resonates on both an emotional and sonic level contributed to their growing popularity.

In 2015, Alpine released their sophomore album, “Yuck,” which showcased their evolution as artists. The album’s lush soundscapes and introspective themes were evident in tracks like “Foolish” and “Come On,” solidifying their status as a band with a unique sonic identity.

Despite achieving critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase, Alpine announced a hiatus in 2015 to explore individual projects. This period allowed the band members to pursue their own creative endeavors and ultimately contributed to their growth as musicians.

In 2020, Alpine made a triumphant return with the release of their third album, “A Is for Alpine – Remixed and Remastered,” a reimagined version of their debut album. The album celebrated their journey as a band while adding fresh perspectives to their earlier work.

Alpine’s Discography:

  1. Zurich” (EP, 2010)
  2. A Is for Alpine” (Album, 2012)
  3. Yuck” (Album, 2015)
  4. A Is for Alpine – Remixed and Remastered” (Album, 2020)

Notable Members of Alpine:

  • Phoebe Baker (Vocals)
  • Louise Croft (Vocals)
  • Christian O’Brien (Guitar)
  • Ryan Lamb (Bass)
  • Tim Royall (Keys)
  • Phil Tucker (Drums)

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Alpine’s journey in the indie pop landscape is marked by their ability to create music that transports listeners to a world of enchanting melodies and atmospheric soundscapes. Their evolution as artists, from their early days to their triumphant return, showcases their commitment to their craft and their lasting impact on the music scene.

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