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alt., the emerging musical sensation hailing from Adelaide, Australia, burst onto the music scene with a distinctive blend of alternative and post-hardcore sounds. Their journey commenced in late 2019, and since then, they’ve quickly gained recognition and a dedicated following.

The band’s introduction to the world came with the release of their debut single, “insubordinate,” which made its debut on the influential Dreambound YouTube channel. This initial offering showcased alt.’s ability to deliver a powerful and emotionally charged musical experience. The song’s atmospheric and melodic soundscapes, coupled with raw, introspective lyrics, immediately resonated with listeners.

Building on the momentum generated by “insubordinate,” alt. continued to make waves in the music world. Their subsequent music videos, including “Chasing Safety,” “Nothingwithoutyou,” and “Pariah,” were also featured on the Dreambound platform. These releases garnered immense attention, collectively amassing over 200,000 views and further establishing alt. as a band to watch.


alt.’s discography, while still in its early stages, reflects their commitment to crafting emotionally charged and sonically compelling music. As of my last update in September 2021, here are some of their notable releases:

  1. “insubordinate” (Debut Single) – Released in late 2019, this single marked alt.’s entry into the music scene, introducing their unique sound and style.
  2. “Chasing Safety” (Single) – Following their debut, alt. released this single, which continued to showcase their penchant for blending powerful melodies with poignant lyrics.
  3. “Nothingwithoutyou” (Single) – This track further solidified alt.’s presence in the alternative music landscape, with its emotionally charged delivery and evocative music video.
  4. “Pariah” (Single) – Another standout release, “Pariah” continued to captivate listeners and contributed to alt.’s growing reputation.


While alt. is primarily focused on their music and has maintained a certain level of anonymity, their commitment to their craft is evident. The band members have chosen to let their music speak for itself, and their identities may not be widely known.

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