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Altered Images is a Scottish new wave band that left an indelible mark on the music scene during the 1980s. Their history is characterized by their vibrant sound, eclectic style, and the distinctive vocals of lead singer Clare Grogan. Formed in Glasgow in 1979, the band’s journey is a testament to their ability to blend pop, punk, and new wave influences into a captivating and memorable musical experience.

The band’s breakthrough came with their debut single, “Dead Pop Stars,” released in 1980. The song’s catchy melody and irreverent lyrics captured the attention of music enthusiasts, positioning Altered Images as a rising force in the post-punk and new wave scenes. Shortly after, they signed with CBS Records and released their debut album, “Happy Birthday,” later that year.

The album’s title track, “Happy Birthday,” became a chart-topping hit in the UK, introducing audiences to Clare Grogan’s distinctive vocal style and the band’s infectious energy. The success of the album solidified Altered Images’ position in the pop music landscape and set the stage for their subsequent releases.

In 1981, Altered Images released their second album, “Pinky Blue,” which further showcased their playful and eclectic sound. Tracks like “I Could Be Happy” and “See Those Eyes” highlighted the band’s ability to craft catchy pop songs while maintaining their unique edge. Clare Grogan’s charismatic stage presence also contributed to the band’s live performances becoming highly anticipated events.

The band’s third album, “Bite” (1983), continued to showcase their evolving sound and experimentation. The album’s single “Don’t Talk to Me About Love” remains one of their most iconic tracks, blending pop sensibilities with a touch of new wave flair. The album’s artistry and production demonstrated the band’s growth as musicians and songwriters.

Altered Images’ discography also includes albums like “Change of Heart” (1983) and “Salivate” (1997), showcasing their ability to adapt to changing musical landscapes while staying true to their core style. Despite disbanding in the late 1980s, Altered Images’ impact on the new wave genre and pop culture endured.

Altered Images’ Discography:

  1. Happy Birthday” (1981)
  2. Pinky Blue” (1982)
  3. Bite” (1983)
  4. Change of Heart” (1983)
  5. Salivate” (1997)

The band members, including Clare Grogan (vocals), Tony McDaid (guitar), Johnny McElhone (bass), Michael “Tich” Anderson (drums), and Jim McKinven (guitar), each brought their unique talents to Altered Images, contributing to their distinctive sound and style.

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Altered Images’ history is a colorful chapter in the story of the new wave movement, characterized by their eclectic music, distinctive vocals, and captivating stage presence. While their active years were relatively short-lived, their impact on pop culture endures, and their music continues to be celebrated by fans of both the new wave genre and nostalgic music enthusiasts.

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