Amaranthe Information

Amaranthe, a Swedish metal band known for their fusion of melodic death metal, power metal, and electronic elements, has carved a unique niche in the metal music landscape with their high-energy sound and dynamic performances. Since their formation, the band has gained a dedicated following and continues to push boundaries with their innovative approach to metal music.

Timeline and Career:

  • Formation and Early Years: Amaranthe was formed in 2008 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band’s concept was to combine different metal subgenres with pop influences and electronic elements. This hybrid approach set them apart from traditional metal bands.
  • Debut Album: In 2011, Amaranthe released their self-titled debut album, which received widespread attention for its unique sound. The album featured a balance of clean and harsh vocals, courtesy of three vocalists: Elize Ryd (female clean vocals), Jake E. Lundberg (male clean vocals), and Andy Solveström (harsh vocals).
  • Rapid Rise: Amaranthe’s debut album garnered praise and led to their rapid rise in the metal scene. The band’s catchy melodies, heavy guitar riffs, and electronic flourishes appealed to a diverse audience, including both metal enthusiasts and those new to the genre.
  • Subsequent Albums: Amaranthe followed their debut with albums like “The Nexus” (2013) and “Massive Addictive” (2014), solidifying their reputation for delivering energetic and anthemic tracks that resonated with fans.
  • Evolution of Sound: Over the years, Amaranthe’s sound evolved as they experimented with their electronic elements and continued to incorporate different influences. The departure of Andy Solveström led to the introduction of Henrik “GG6” Englund Wilhelmsson as the band’s harsh vocalist.
  • “Maximalism” and “Helix”: Amaranthe released their fourth album, “Maximalism” (2016), which showcased their eclectic style. The band’s fifth album, “Helix” (2018), further refined their sound and demonstrated their ability to push creative boundaries.
  • Continued Success: Despite lineup changes, Amaranthe’s popularity remained strong. The band’s sixth album, “Manifest” (2020), received positive reviews and reaffirmed their status as a leading force in the modern metal scene.


  • Amaranthe” (2011, Album)
  • The Nexus” (2013, Album)
  • Massive Addictive” (2014, Album)
  • Maximalism” (2016, Album)
  • Helix” (2018, Album)
  • Manifest” (2020, Album)

Amaranthe Members:

  • Elize Ryd (Clean Vocals)
  • Henrik “GG6” Englund Wilhelmsson (Harsh Vocals)
  • Nils Molin (Clean Vocals)
  • Olof Mörck (Guitars, Keyboards)
  • Johan Andreassen (Bass)
  • Morten Løwe Sørensen (Drums)

Official Social Media Accounts:

Amaranthe’s bold fusion of metal and electronic elements has positioned them at the forefront of modern metal music. With a commitment to experimentation and a dedication to their craft, the band continues to evolve their sound while captivating audiences around the world. As pioneers of a new era of metal, Amaranthe’s impact on the genre is undeniable, and their influence continues to shape the landscape of heavy music.

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