Ameer Vann Information

Ameer Vann, an American rapper and songwriter, has experienced both acclaim and controversy in his relatively short career. Born Ameer Emmanuel Vann on September 22, 1996, in Houston, Texas, he first gained widespread recognition as a founding member of the hip-hop collective Brockhampton. However, his journey has been marked by a rapid rise to fame, followed by a fall from grace due to allegations and controversies.

Early Beginnings and Formation of Brockhampton (2014-2017): Ameer Vann played a pivotal role in the formation of Brockhampton in 2014. The self-proclaimed “boy band” gained attention for its innovative blend of hip-hop, pop, and alternative elements, as well as its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. Ameer’s distinct style and candid lyricism contributed to the group’s early success.

Rise to Prominence and Debuts (2017-2018): Brockhampton’s “Saturation” trilogy marked a turning point for the group, with Ameer’s contributions helping to define the sound that resonated with fans worldwide. However, in 2018, allegations of emotional and sexual abuse surfaced against Ameer Vann. The allegations led to his departure from Brockhampton, and the collective subsequently canceled their tour.

Solo Pursuits and Reckoning (2018-2020): After leaving Brockhampton, Ameer Vann faced a period of introspection and self-examination. He released solo tracks, including “Pop Trunk” and “Los Angeles”, where he addressed his past actions and the impact they had on others. The tracks showed glimpses of remorse and a desire for personal growth.


  • Solo Singles:
    1. “I’m Sorry” (2018)
    2. “Pop Trunk” (2019)
    3. “Los Angeles” (2019)

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Please note that Ameer Vann’s discography is limited due to his departure from Brockhampton and subsequent solo pursuits. Additionally, the timeline provided above may not include the most recent developments beyond my last update in September 2021.