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American Football is an influential American emo/math rock band with a history deeply intertwined with the evolution of the genre. Formed in 1997 in Urbana, Illinois, the band’s story is one of a brief but impactful initial run, followed by a reformation that led to a resurgence in popularity and creative output. The original lineup consisted of Mike Kinsella (vocals/guitar), Steve Holmes (guitar), Steve Lamos (drums/trumpet), and Nate Kinsella (bass).

In 1999, American Football released their self-titled debut album, often referred to as the “LP1”. This album’s blend of intricate guitar work, introspective lyrics, and unconventional song structures set it apart from traditional emo music. While the album didn’t achieve commercial success upon its release, it gained a cult following over the years and became a touchstone for the genre.

Following the release of the debut album, the band members went their separate ways to pursue other musical projects. Mike Kinsella notably continued his work under the moniker Owen. The legacy of American Football‘s debut album continued to grow as it found new listeners and influenced subsequent generations of musicians.

In 2014, the band announced their reunion, surprising and delighting fans who had long hoped for more music. They released their second self-titled album, referred to as “LP2,” that same year. This release retained the essence of their original sound while reflecting the growth and musical experiences the members had undergone during their hiatus.

American Football‘s reformation included a series of live performances, rekindling their connection with a dedicated fan base and introducing their music to a new generation. Their blend of emotional lyrics, intricate guitar melodies, and complex rhythms continued to resonate, proving the lasting impact of their pioneering sound.

In 2016, the band released an EP titled “American Football (EP)”, featuring new songs and alternate versions of tracks from their earlier albums. This release showcased their ability to experiment with their established sound while staying true to their core identity.

American Football‘s discography is marked by its quality rather than quantity, with standout albums including the debut self-titled album “American Football” (1999), “American Football (LP2)” (2014), and the “American Football (EP)” (2016).

The band members of American Football include:

  • Mike Kinsella: Vocals, Guitar
  • Steve Holmes: Guitar
  • Steve Lamos: Drums, Trumpet
  • Nate Kinsella: Bass

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