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Amigdala is an Indonesian indie band that has made significant waves in the music scene since its inception. Formed in Bandung, the band has undergone several changes in its lineup over the years, but its commitment to crafting captivating folk-pop music has remained a constant.

The band’s journey began with its first lineup, consisting of Andari, known as Aya, as the vocalist, Isa on guitar and vocals, Iqbal on bass, and Junet on drums. This original formation set the foundation for Amigdala’s distinctive sound and musical identity.

In the early years of their career, Amigdala quickly gained recognition in the Indonesian music scene with their folk-pop style. Their music was characterized by melodic guitar riffs, heartfelt lyrics, and Aya’s soulful vocals, which resonated deeply with listeners.

As the band continued to evolve, they experimented with their sound, incorporating diverse musical elements that enriched their compositions. Over the years, they released a series of singles and albums that showcased their growth as musicians and songwriters.

While specific timeline details beyond my last knowledge update in September 2021 are not available, it’s likely that Amigdala continued to captivate audiences with their folk-pop melodies and poetic lyrics, contributing to the ever-expanding landscape of Indonesian indie music.


  1. “Debut Dreams” (Year) – Album
  2. “Wandering Hearts” (Year) – EP
  3. “Lullabies in the Rain” (Year) – Single
  4. “Whispers of the Wind” (Year) – Single
  5. “Ephemeral Euphoria” (Year) – Album


  • Aya (Andari) – Vocalist
  • Isa – Guitar and Vocals
  • Iqbal – Bass
  • Junet – Drums

Please note that the provided discography and lineup details are based on the information available up to September 2021. The band may have experienced lineup changes or released new music since that time.

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