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Amy Wadge is a Welsh singer-songwriter known for her soulful voice, emotive lyrics, and impressive songwriting skills. Born on December 22, 1975, in Pontypridd, Wales, her musical journey has been characterized by her ability to capture raw emotions and transform them into captivating melodies.

Amy Wadge’s passion for music ignited at an early age, and she began writing songs and playing the guitar during her formative years. Her breakthrough came in 2002 when she collaborated with Ed Sheeran on his debut EP “Songs I Wrote With Amy”. The EP featured tracks co-written by Wadge and Sheeran, and their creative partnership marked the beginning of her prominence as a songwriter.

In 2013, Amy Wadge released her debut solo album “Bump”, showcasing her ability to deliver heartfelt lyrics and melodies that resonated with listeners. The album’s tracks, including “Dreamer” and “Linger”, introduced her as a solo artist with a distinct voice and a knack for storytelling.

However, it was her collaboration with Ed Sheeran on the hit single “Thinking Out Loud” that catapulted both artists to international fame. The song, co-written by Wadge and Sheeran, became a global sensation, earning critical acclaim and multiple awards, including Grammy recognition. The success of “Thinking Out Loud” solidified Amy Wadge’s reputation as a remarkable songwriter and showcased her ability to craft timeless ballads.

In addition to her work with Sheeran, Amy Wadge’s solo career flourished. Her subsequent albums, including “Sunkissed” (2018) and “Keeping Faith” (2019), continued to highlight her songwriting prowess and her ability to evoke emotions through her music. The album “Keeping Faith” featured songs from the soundtrack of the BBC drama series of the same name, further expanding her reach as a musician.

Amy Wadge’s music often delves into themes of love, relationships, and personal experiences. Her ability to create relatable narratives has resonated with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Amy Wadge‘s discography includes albums and singles such as:

  • “Bump” (2013) – Debut Solo Album
  • “Sunkissed” (2018)
  • “Keeping Faith” (2019)

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