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Anabel Englund is an American singer, songwriter, and electronic music artist known for her captivating vocals, dynamic performances, and contributions to the dance music scene. Born on September 1, 1992, in Southern California, her musical journey has been marked by collaborations with prominent DJs and producers, as well as her solo endeavors that showcase her versatile talent.

Anabel Englund’s passion for music was nurtured from a young age, and she began singing and writing songs during her adolescence. Her breakthrough came in 2012 when she collaborated with renowned producer MK (Marc Kinchen) on the track “Electricity”, which showcased her soulful voice and introduced her to the world of dance music.

In 2014, Englund formed the supergroup Pleasure State alongside MK and Lee Foss, resulting in the release of their hit single “Ghost in the System”. The collaboration highlighted her ability to fuse her vocal prowess with electronic beats and melodies, earning her recognition within the dance music community.

Throughout her career, Anabel Englund has continued to collaborate with prominent DJs and producers, including Hot Natured, Jamie Jones, and Lee Foss. Her vocals have become synonymous with melodic house and deep house tracks, elevating the emotional and atmospheric aspects of electronic music.

In 2020, Anabel Englund embarked on her solo project, releasing her debut album “Messing with Magic”. The album showcased her evolution as an artist, blending elements of electronic, pop, and R&B influences to create a unique sonic identity. Tracks like “So Hot” and “Picture Us” demonstrated her ability to seamlessly navigate different genres while maintaining her distinctive voice.

Anabel Englund’s music often delves into themes of love, self-discovery, and human connection. Her ability to convey deep emotions through her lyrics and her collaborations with talented producers have solidified her position as a notable figure in the electronic music landscape.

Anabel Englund’s discography includes singles, collaborations, and her debut album “Messing with Magic” (2020), showcasing her range as a vocalist and her ability to captivate listeners across different musical styles.

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