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Angel was an American rock band formed in the mid-1970s, led by the talented frontwoman Angel Faith. Their fusion of hard rock and glam elements set them apart in an era dominated by larger-than-life acts. Their journey, though relatively short-lived, left a mark on the rock music scene.


  • Formation and Early Years: Angel was formed in 1975 by guitarist Punky Meadows and bassist Mickey Jones. The band quickly gained attention for their theatrical stage presence and unique sound, featuring a mix of hard rock, glam, and prog influences.
  • 1975: The band signed with Casablanca Records, a label known for its association with disco music. This unconventional pairing allowed Angel to stand out even more in the rock landscape.
  • 1975-1976: The classic lineup of Angel solidified, featuring Frank DiMino on vocals, Gregg Giuffria on keyboards and synthesizers, Barry Brandt on drums, and the aforementioned Punky Meadows and Mickey Jones.
  • 1975-1980: During this period, Angel released five studio albums, each showcasing their unique style and flair. Albums like “Angel” (1975), “Helluva Band” (1976), and “On Earth as It Is in Heaven” (1977) displayed their musical range and innovative approach.
  • Album Art and Aesthetic: Angel was also notable for their visually striking album covers, often featuring the band members in elaborate costumes and settings that complemented their theatrical image.
  • Late 1970s: While Angel gained a dedicated fanbase and enjoyed considerable popularity, they never achieved the commercial breakthrough that some of their contemporaries experienced.
  • 1980: The changing musical landscape of the late 1970s and early 1980s, coupled with shifts in the record industry, led to the band’s breakup. Each member pursued individual projects and musical endeavors.
  • Legacy and Influence: Despite their relatively short active period, Angel left an impact on the glam and hard rock genres. Their unique sound, theatrical performances, and dedication to their artistic vision earned them a dedicated following that persists to this day.


  • “Angel” (1975)
  • “Helluva Band” (1976)
  • “On Earth as It Is in Heaven” (1977)
  • “White Hot” (1978)
  • “Sinful” (1979)

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Angel‘s contribution to the fusion of glam, hard rock, and theatrical elements, as well as their influence on subsequent generations of musicians, remains a testament to their artistic legacy. While their active years were relatively brief, their music and visual aesthetic continue to resonate with fans who appreciate their unique take on rock music.

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