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Angie Miller, an American singer-songwriter, gained recognition for her impressive vocal prowess, emotive performances, and heartfelt songwriting. Born on February 17, 1994, in Beverly, Massachusetts, her journey from a talented contestant on a reality show to a dedicated artist is marked by her determination, authenticity, and dedication to her craft.


  • American Idol Audition: Angie Miller’s rise to fame began in 2013 when she auditioned for the twelfth season of “American Idol”. Her audition showcased her powerful vocals and earned her a golden ticket to Hollywood.
  • Top Three Finalist: Throughout her journey on “American Idol”, Angie wowed audiences and judges with her performances. She reached the top three, impressing with renditions of songs like “I Surrender” and her original song “You Set Me Free”.
  • Original Song Showcase: Angie Miller’s performance of her original song “You Set Me Free” received widespread acclaim and marked a defining moment in her “American Idol” journey. The song’s emotional depth and her strong connection with the lyrics resonated with viewers.
  • Post-“American Idol” Career: After her stint on “American Idol”, Angie continued to pursue music, focusing on her songwriting and performances. She released her debut single “Simple” in 2013, showcasing her ability to craft meaningful and relatable songs.
  • “Weathered” EP: Angie’s debut extended play “Weathered” (2014) further demonstrated her songwriting skills and captured her introspective and vulnerable side. The EP’s tracks, including “Lost in the Sound” and “This Love”, received positive reviews.
  • “Wildfire” EP: Angie’s subsequent EP, “Wildfire” (2015), continued to showcase her growth as an artist. The EP featured tracks like “Simple” and “What You Give”, highlighting her evolving sound.
  • Evolution of Sound: Over the years, Angie’s music evolved as she explored different genres and incorporated electronic and pop elements into her sound. Her willingness to experiment while staying true to her emotive style demonstrated her versatility.
  • Unreleased Album and Independent Career: Despite signing with a record label, Angie’s debut album was never released. However, she continued to release music independently and maintain her presence in the music industry.
  • Continued Dedication: Angie Miller’s journey as an artist reflects her commitment to her passion for music. Her acoustic covers, original songs, and collaborations showcased her continued dedication to her craft.


  • “Weathered” (2014) – EP
  • “Wildfire” (2015) – EP

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Angie Miller’s journey from her “American Idol” audition to her emergence as an independent artist reflects her authenticity, dedication, and resilience. Her emotive performances and genuine songwriting continue to resonate with listeners, making her a respected figure in the music industry. Please note that the information provided is based on knowledge available up to September 2021, and there may have been developments beyond that date.

Disclaimer : Please note that profile information above needs further research and update. May be subject to change as new information emerges.