ANGUS McSIX Information

Angus McSix stands as a prominent force in the international power metal scene, born from the collaboration between Swiss singer Thomas Winkler and German producer, vocalist, and guitarist Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann. Together, they’ve forged a unique musical journey that fuses power metal and symphonic metal, captivating audiences worldwide. The band’s story is marked by a recent emergence but has already made waves in the music world.

Formation and Genesis (2021): The story of Angus McSix begins in 2021, when Thomas Winkler and Sebastian Levermann decided to unite their talents and vision. Thomas, known for his powerful and emotive vocals, brought his Swiss sensibilities, while Seeb, a versatile musician, contributed his skills as a producer, vocalist, and guitarist. This alliance of musical prowess and creativity was the spark that ignited Angus McSix.

Musical Identity and Genre: Angus McSix carved its niche in the realm of power metal and symphonic metal. Their music is characterized by its symphonic grandeur, intricate guitar arrangements, and soaring vocals. These elements create a sonic landscape that transports listeners to epic and mythical realms, often inspired by heroic tales and fantasy adventures.

Label Signing – Napalm Records: The band’s potential and talent soon caught the attention of industry leaders, leading to a significant milestone. Angus McSix signed with Napalm Records, a renowned record label known for its association with prominent metal acts. This partnership provided the band with the platform and resources to share their music with a broader audience.

Debut Studio Album – “Angus McSix and the Sword of Power” (2023): Angus McSix’s debut studio album, titled “Angus McSix and the Sword of Power,” was released on April 21, 2023, through Napalm Records. This highly anticipated album showcased the band’s musical prowess and storytelling abilities. It was a remarkable achievement that marked the beginning of a promising journey for the band.


Angus McSix boasts a lineup of talented musicians who contribute to their powerful sound. The core members of the band include:

  • Thomas Winkler: Swiss singer, known for his commanding vocals.
  • Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann: German producer, vocalist, and guitarist, recognized for his multifaceted musical talents.
  • Thalia Bellazecca: guitars
  • Manu Lotter: drums

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