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Anilyst, a skilled rapper and lyricist, has made a distinct mark in the world of underground hip-hop, gaining recognition for his intricate wordplay, fast-paced delivery, and thoughtful lyricism. Born Austin Falk on November 9, 1988, his journey from his early passion for hip-hop to becoming a respected artist is a testament to his dedication and artistic growth.


  • Early Influences and Musical Aspirations: Anilyst’s fascination with hip-hop was ignited during his teenage years. He drew inspiration from iconic artists like Eminem, Nas, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, whose innovative styles influenced his approach to rhyme schemes and storytelling.
  • Online Presence and Breakthrough: Anilyst’s journey to prominence began with his uploads of freestyle videos on YouTube. His sharp lyricism and rapid-fire delivery caught the attention of listeners in the online hip-hop community, rapidly increasing his fan base.
  • “Triple Threat” and Debut Album: In 2010, Anilyst released his debut album, “Triple Threat”, which showcased his lyrical prowess and unique flow. The album’s success marked his official entry into the world of underground hip-hop.
  • “Syllable Sliding” and Viral Success: Anilyst gained widespread recognition with his track “Syllable Sliding” (2011), where he showcased his ability to manipulate intricate rhyme schemes and complex patterns with precision.
  • Consistent Releases and Growth: Throughout the 2010s, Anilyst continued to release a series of mixtapes and singles that highlighted his technical skills and evolved lyricism. His tracks like “Ruckus” and “Don’t Try It” displayed his commitment to lyrical depth and creativity.
  • “Anilyst Sundays” Series: Anilyst’s “Anilyst Sundays” series on YouTube further solidified his reputation as a consistent and dedicated artist. Each week, he released new tracks, showcasing his ability to maintain quality while producing prolific content.
  • Collaborations and Recognition: Anilyst’s collaborations with other underground hip-hop artists, such as Crypt and The Jokerr, demonstrated his versatility and ability to connect with fellow wordsmiths in the genre.
  • Independent Spirit: Anilyst’s commitment to remaining independent and true to his artistic vision became a defining aspect of his career. His authenticity and refusal to compromise his style garnered respect from fans and peers alike.


  • “Triple Threat” (2010) – Album
  • “The Best I Can” (2013) – Album
  • “Ressurgence” (2014) – Album
  • “Livin in the Dark” (2017) – Album

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Anilyst’s journey as an underground hip-hop artist exemplifies the power of lyrical skill and dedication to craft. His commitment to delivering intricate verses and his ability to maintain an authentic presence have earned him a devoted following in the world of hip-hop enthusiasts.

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