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Anna Wise is a versatile artist known for her soulful and introspective music, as well as her contributions to the hip-hop and R&B genres. With her unique vocal style and thought-provoking lyrics, Anna Wise has established herself as a respected solo artist and collaborator in the music industry.


  • Early Musical Pursuits: Anna Wise’s passion for music emerged at a young age, leading her to pursue vocal training and songwriting.
  • 2009: Formation of Sonnymoon: Anna Wise co-founded the experimental duo Sonnymoon, where she showcased her distinctive vocal abilities and a fusion of genres such as electronic, R&B, and jazz.
  • 2010s: Collaborations with Kendrick Lamar: Anna Wise gained widespread recognition for her collaborations with rapper Kendrick Lamar, notably contributing vocals to his critically acclaimed albums “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City” and “To Pimp a Butterfly.”
  • 2016: Solo Debut EP “The Feminine: Act I”: Anna Wise released her debut solo EP “The Feminine: Act I,” exploring themes of empowerment, vulnerability, and self-discovery.
  • 2017: “The Feminine: Act II” and Grammy Win: The second part of her EP series, “The Feminine: Act II,” was released, further cementing her reputation as a thought-provoking artist. She also won a Grammy Award for her writing contributions to Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly.”
  • Collaborations and Solo Releases: Throughout her career, Anna Wise collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Flying Lotus, Solange, and Noname. She continued to release solo singles and projects that showcased her evolution as an artist.
  • 2020: “As If It Were Forever”: Anna Wise released her debut studio album “As If It Were Forever,” which encompassed a variety of musical styles and featured her introspective lyrics and distinctive vocal delivery.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Beyond music, Anna Wise engaged in visual arts, poetry, and activism, using her platform to address social and political issues.
  • Artistic Exploration: Anna Wise’s music consistently pushed artistic boundaries, combining elements of alternative R&B, electronica, and soul to create a genre-defying sound.
  • Themes of Empowerment: Many of Anna Wise’s songs focus on themes of self-empowerment, self-expression, and the complexities of human emotions, resonating with audiences seeking genuine and relatable content.
  • Evolution of Sound: Throughout her career, Anna Wise’s sound evolved from experimental electronic music with Sonnymoon to a more introspective and soulful style as a solo artist.
  • Championing Authenticity: Anna Wise’s commitment to authenticity and vulnerability in her artistry resonates with listeners who appreciate her willingness to tackle personal and societal topics.
  • Cultural Impact: Anna Wise’s contributions to Kendrick Lamar’s albums played a significant role in shaping the sound and direction of modern hip-hop and R&B.
  • Live Performances: Her live performances captivate audiences, allowing them to experience the depth and emotion of her music in person.


  • Albums:
    • “As If It Were Forever” (2019)

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Anna Wise’s unique vocal stylings, thought-provoking lyrics, and dedication to artistic exploration have earned her a devoted following and the respect of her peers in the music industry. Her ability to seamlessly move between genres and convey emotional depth in her music showcases her exceptional talent and lasting impact on the world of contemporary music.

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