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Annihilator is a Canadian thrash metal band that has made a significant impact on the metal genre since its formation. Led by the talented musician and guitarist Jeff Waters, the band’s history is marked by relentless dedication to their music, technical prowess, and a dynamic discography that has solidified their place in the metal community.


  • 1984: Formation and Early Years: Annihilator was founded in Ottawa, Canada, by guitarist Jeff Waters. The band’s name reflects their intention to annihilate the competition with their aggressive and technical style of thrash metal.
  • 1989: Debut Album “Alice in Hell”: The band’s debut album, “Alice in Hell,” showcased their intricate guitar work and fierce rhythms. It received critical acclaim and established Annihilator as a force in the metal scene.
  • 1990s: Lineup Changes and Continued Releases: Throughout the 1990s, Annihilator experienced several lineup changes, with Jeff Waters being the constant driving force. The band released albums like “Never, Neverland” (1990), “Set the World on Fire” (1993), and “Refresh the Demon” (1996).
  • 2000s: Diverse Sound and Consistent Releases: The band’s sound evolved in the 2000s, incorporating elements of groove metal and alternative metal. Notable albums from this era include “Criteria for a Black Widow” (1999), “Waking the Fury” (2002), and “Metal” (2007).
  • 2010s: Collaborations and “For the Demented”: Annihilator collaborated with artists like Danko Jones and Dave Padden during this decade. The album “For the Demented” (2017) marked a return to their thrash metal roots and was well-received by fans and critics alike.
  • 2020s: Ongoing Resilience: Annihilator remains active in the metal scene, with Jeff Waters being the sole original member. Their dedication to delivering powerful live performances and producing new music continues to resonate with metal enthusiasts.


  • Studio Albums:
    • “Alice in Hell” (1989)
    • “Never, Neverland” (1990)
    • “Set the World on Fire” (1993)
    • “King of the Kill” (1994)
    • “Refresh the Demon” (1996)
    • “Remains” (1997)
    • “Criteria for a Black Widow” (1999)
    • “Carnival Diablos” (2001)
    • “Waking the Fury” (2002)
    • “All for You” (2004)
    • “Schizo Deluxe” (2005)
    • “Metal” (2007)
    • “Annihilator” (2010)
    • “Feast” (2013)
    • “Suicide Society” (2015)
    • “For the Demented” (2017)
    • “Ballistic, Sadistic” (2020)


  • Jeff Waters (guitar, vocals)
  • Aaron Homma
  • Rich Gray
  • Fabio Alessandrini

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Annihilator’s impact on the metal genre is undeniable, with their technical skill, unwavering dedication, and ability to evolve while maintaining their signature sound. Jeff Waters’ leadership and the band’s resilience have kept them relevant and respected in the metal community. Their discography showcases their musical versatility, from aggressive thrash to experimental elements, making Annihilator a band that continues to captivate metal fans worldwide.

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